Chap-5*Pacify The Alpha King!*

Alpha King Aramis’ POV:

Tanner dropped the letter and retreated back until his back hit the wall. I galloped, grabbing the letter from the floor, and read it out loud without any delay.

“Dear Alpha King Aramis,” it was too hard to focus on the letter when my baby brother was sobbing crazily in front of me, “I am writing this letter on behalf of my pack and demanding justice. Your brother has committed a serious crime against the mate of the Royal Beta of our pack; Markus Hart. Tanner was witnessed assaulting and murdering his mate Savia Perk today. The incident is horrifying for our pack and is a terrible act committed by the Alpha King’s brother. You have always promised justice and stayed true to your words. Me and my pack request you to do the same towards your brother. We want him presented in the werewolf court and punished in the presence of the higher-ups of every pack. I also want to inform you of my personal decision of rejecting Tanner in this sealed letter. I will do the verbal rejection in front of everyone,

Royal Gamma Warrior Phoenix Hart,” I read the letter sent by this devious creature that was assigned as our mate. Now I know what the Moon Goddess was trying to do by mating her to both of us, she knew this girl will be a disaster and when she couldn’t trap me, she trapped Tanner.

“She rejected me,” Tanner whimpered, covering his head in his hands and sobbing. He was unaware that his pain was agonizing to me, I could bear anything but not his tears.

“Tanner! She will not reject you. We will go there and talk to them. All of them, they will all apologize to you for accusing you falsely,” I held his arms and shook him into raising his head and meeting eyes with mine.

“She said she is rejecting me. She believes him---she believes them,” Tanner had this urge trying to speak to me and make me understand how much it was hurting him.

“We will see,” where he was crying, I had this anger rushing through my veins and demanding that I take a step to burn their pack down, “Tanner! Listen to me,” I preceded to cup his face in my hands, “She belongs to you. I promise to bring her here and chain her to you even if it is the last thing I have to do. She is your and will remain yours,” I finished, and soon after that, I looked around and eyed Aunt Jocelina to get him his medicines.

She was the in charge of his medicines because he would feel shy taking medicines in front of his brother. Tanner had a lot of insectaries and one of them was related to him not being social enough like me so he would try really hard to mask his weaknesses so that he can look good standing next to me.

What my little brother didn’t understand was that he was better than me. There was no comparison, there would never be because he was a complete person with emotions and feelings for others while I had none.

“Take him to his room and put him on medications, I will change and meet him in the room in a few minutes,” I ordered Jocelina while holding Tanner and walking him back to his room. He was exhausted from panicking and sobbing so much.

He was not always like that unless he gets triggered and then it will take some time for him to act normal. I slipped him onto the bed and then walked away to change and prepare for this meeting with the Dark Autumn pack but not before I let my anger out.

The first thing I did after storming into my room was to smash my cellphone into the wall and break it right then and there.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed in anger, fisting the wall and then grabbing the TV and slamming it onto the ground.

I was angry!

I was mad at the world and the stupid thing called mate bond.

“They are accusing Tanner of such a disgusting crime?” I grunted heavily when accompanied by Jocelina, “How can they expect me to listen to them and let them punish my innocent brother?” my heart was throbbing in my head, I was able to hear every single beat of it in my head.

“I need you to calm down first. Tanner is resting and had asked to be left alone. While he is sleeping, why don’t you calm down before we all go and put those scums in their places? I tell you what? we go there and punish them for this act of treachery,” Aunt Jocelina thought it would be calm me down but how will any of them go back in time and prevent my brother from shedding tears? How can they ever erase this moment from his mind?

“We go there and bring that who*e to my brother’s feet, she will not be the next Alpha King’s in line’s mother, she will be a slave, whose only job will be to serve to my brother,” I was beyond myself that day, my wolf was demanding for transition but I was preventing it for many reasons.

“Fine, whatever you decide, but right now please calm down.” She didn’t dare step away from the door due to the mess I have created in my room.

“Ugh!” I groaned after the memory of my brother crying flashed before my eyes and threw the vase on the wall. This time the crash between the object and the wall created a much bigger noise but I was too consumed by anger to notice that thoroughly.

Rage pounded in me like a drumbeat, my eyes flashing red color and my skin stretching.

I refused to believe this day was not a nightmare. Some pack had made my brother cry and now they were requiring me to lend my brother to them so that they can punish him without any further investigation?

"Aramis! Please for the sake of Tanner, calm---," she paused in the middle of the sentence when we heard some recognizable cries becoming audible.

I straightened my posture to calm my breathing down and focus on the melancholic wailings from afar, leading to my mansion.

As the cries began to turn louder, my heart started skipping beats.

“It seems like the wailing brides are headed towards the mansion,” Aunt Jocelina, who was also shaken up by the little earthquake and then the cries, stated.

I watched her in the eye absent-mindedly until my body felt cold. The feeling of realizing something horrible might have happened struck me in the form of goosebumps.

I sprinted past her, pushing everyone in my way until I was out of the mansion where the wailing brides had stopped.

My eyes landed on the dead body they were here to collect and it shattered me.

“Ta---nner!” I shivered in my skin, I have never felt that weak and miserable in such a long time.

My muscles couldn’t move while my brother laid there after he had jumped to his demise.

“TANNER!” and then it struck me hard, I screamed whilst rushing towards him. As soon as I took his body in my arms, I realized it was too late.

It was too late to ever see him happy again, it was too late to be with him again.

“Tanner! Why?” my cries had managed to subside the cries of the wailing brides. The pack gathered around me while I cried there holding my brother’s dead body in my arms.

The tears were not even there anymore, I was crying blood, staining Tanner’s face with red color. They took away my everything, they stole my treasure from me and now I will take away their treasure.

“Phoenix Hart!” I shouted, bleeding from my nose. The dark clouds took over the world after the sky too was ready to cry over the demise of an innocent soul.

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