Chap-10*The Taste Of Betrayal*

My heart seemed to have jumped out of my throat when my eyes spotted the present standing before my door. It wasn’t Zion anymore, he couldn’t be.

He had tears in his eyes so it has to be someone else. My siblings were standing behind him with a sad glister glooming in their eyes.

“We never thought we have weakened you so much.” Veronica filled her face in her hands and sobbed whilst Hassel turned his face to the other side.

“I shouldn’t have blamed you for all that,” Markus stepped ahead and filled me in his arms. I broke down instantly as I recalled my father.

He would have been so happy to see us all together. I felt Zion and Veronica wrapping us in a group hug too. Even though Iris and Hassel were not happy, it didn’t matter anymore. My siblings have realized their mistakes and that’s all that mattered to me.

“Now! Let’s stand together like a wall and see who can steal our sister from us,” Zion broke the hug and announced as he secretly wiped the tears clean and acted tough.

“I love you all so much,” I smiled like mad crazy, there is no peace in the world than a family’s embrace.

“I am starving, after you left none of us ate. Let’s have dinner together as a family, as one unit,” Veronica too stepped back and smiled sweetly my way.

Now that my siblings were on my side, I had no fear of the sorrows finding their way to me.

“I know how we can secure our land,” I started yammering and my brothers couldn’t help but shake their heads playfully and hold my hand to walk me downstairs for the dinner.

“When father was alive, this chair was sealed for you and nothing will ever change that.” Zion held my hand to sit me down with him just like my father used to do.

Now I was feeling complete and not lonely. I was glad they have realized their mistakes and had decided to redeem themselves by standing beside me.

“Thank you so much. You have no idea how miserable I was feeling after the departure of my father,” I murmured under my breath, even the strongest people shed tears. He will always be missed and I will avenge his death no matter how.

The maids have already prepared the dinner table for them and since I had locked myself inside, nobody ate.

“Let’s have a toast for a new beginning,” Zion raised the glass and declared with confidence.

“To Phoenix!” Markus added and my smile brightened, that is all I have ever wanted.

“To Aunt Phoenix!” Veronica pitched in, making me turn my head in her direction, “I am expecting,” she giggled, tugging her shoulders in her neck shyly.

They were now sharing their happiness with me and I was truly happy for them. However, it was going to make things a little difficult for me. I will have to find a suitable time to tell them about Hassel once again and this time, I know how to make them listen to me.

“To Phoenix!” they all cheered and I raised my glass with them. I started drinking with my family while we ate dinner. My brother kept serving me food and drink after drink until I was full and well, partially drunk.

Nix was pretty powerful for being a Gamma, she had the ability to take control and even cause fear in the hearts of her enemy if she wants.

She was granted special powers of causing fear in others. So whenever there were more fighters against me, she will release this energy that will cause fear in their hearts and they will end up losing.

She was also too powerful for some bottles of alcohol; I was honestly blessed when I got her as a wolf. My father always reminded me that all these powers mean something and very soon I will find out the right purpose for them.

“It was a beautiful dinner,” I wiped my face clean with the paper towel, watching my family getting up from their seats.

“We will be in our rooms.” Zion ignored me and spoke to the maid, “tell the guards to lock all the doors and do not open the gates for anyone tonight,” his demeanor had changed, he was sternly talking and not even passing me a glare.

“I th----ink it’s a g----ood idea,” I coughed, feeling something stuck in my throat.

“Have a good night everyone,” Zion told the others as he once again ignored what I was saying. He then finally looked my way and hunched over my ear to whisper,

“We are not sorry! This is what we had to do to save an entire pack against someone who is too selfish to abide by her duties of sacrificing herself for the pack,” as he straightened his back, I felt terror rush through my veins.

What did he mean by he has to do this? What did he do?

My heart skipped a beat when my body began to feel this heat from underneath my skin. It wasn’t even like I was on fire, it seemed more like,

“Nix!” I said her name and watched my sibling’s faces one by one. The horror of what they have done struck me hard but instead of being getting on my feet, I landed off the chair.

“Arghhhh!” My lips screeched out a scream while my wolf seemed to have been set on fire.

“You poisoned Nix!” I shouted through agony at the family who stood there for a second before they quickly parted their ways to their rooms.

‘Nix!’ I cried for her, crawling on the floor to make it to anybody’s room, ‘don’t fret, I will get he---lp,’ I bit my tongue as the pain intensified.

If I was in this much pain, I can’t even imagine what she felt. I don’t know what was more intense, the torment from the poison or the betrayal of my family.

I writhed on the floor, reaching my sister’s door and banging it as hard as I could, during the agonizing pain, for help.

“P-----lease don’t let the---m kill my wolf,” I begged outside her door but she obeyed Zion’s orders and didn’t even peek outside.

I went door to door until my wolf felt weak as she had lost all her strength to the cruel posion. My body ached as I laid down in the hallway, right next to my father’s locked door. As I turned my face to his door, a tear rolled out of my eye.

‘It was nice having you as my other half,’ Nix whimpered faintly, she has never sounded so miserable.

‘Please don’t say that, w—e will find a way to s—ave you,’ I was facing the ceiling and lying on the cold floor helplessly.

‘It’s oka—y! you don’t have to be s---o strong all the time. You have been the best partner -----and I too tried to do justice with my powe---rs, but now it’s time to say goodbye. This poison is not as painful as the fac—t that I have to leave you behind in the world full of powerful and heartless creatures,’ she finally broke down but only when she thought of me living a miserable life after her departure.

‘No! I have lost eno—ugh in my life, my mother, my father, and now you! No! how will I survive without y------?’ I couldn’t even move a muscle until I coughed and threw up blood.

‘Goodb---ye Phoenix!’ her voice faded into nothingness and then my body flinched, all my bones cracked and the excruciating pain let me scream at the top of my lungs. This was the last time that I felt her existence in me.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” and then when I started to pass out, I saw purple energy leaving my body. The beautiful purplish wolf with glitters and long orchid hair beauty got lifted up in the sky and that’s when I closed my eyes and went into a deep slumber of ignorance.

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So heartbreaking!! What wretched people!
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Such assholes!! She was so hopeful she was blinded by the need to be loved by them! Hope she’s able to make them pay! My heart breaks for her she can’t seem to get a break :(

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