Chap-15*Maybe His New Mate*

“I said enough!” Aramis repeated himself, walking into the room and eyeing Morgana to leave us alone. She stayed behind him in annoyance and then stomped her foot, marching out like a brat.

“You are not allowed to keep talking and ask us any questions. Besides, you are lucky I spared your life even when I should have let the Blue Viper hurt you back in there,” he squatted down before me and raised his brow.

“I never asked you to save me,” I shrugged my shoulders, keeping eye contact with him.

“Or maybe you did when you used my brother’s name. You think I am a fool and I don’t know that is not why you weren’t fighting back in there? just admit you are also weak when you have wolfbane in your system,” he wrinkled his nose and stretched his neck, his scent was intoxicating.

I instantly looked away when my eyes traveled to his strong neck muscles. His closeness was intimidating and I didn’t even have a wolf to blame for me checking him out.

It was just a bit odd that we both knew we were
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goodnovel comment avatar
I agree with you on that! Not to be trusted, that one.
goodnovel comment avatar
Would really love to know what’s going on in his mind. I’m starting to think Jocelina had something to do with Tanners murder…

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