Chapter Sixty Five: When A Man Claims His Woman

Someone said that, 'the mark of a real man is a man who can allow himself to fall deeply in love with a woman'.

"Is she really Zoey Veera Lavigne? The trending fashion designer right now?" Dionysus was silent, but he was all ears at the female employees gossiping about his wife under the stage. He was still seated and overseeing the party from his elevated spot.

"Yeah. She's really pretty. I can't believe she had work here before. How the bloody hell did she transform like that? And, even her patches look so immaculate. She looked like a goddamn goddess. She can even pass as an international model because of her sexy figure and good height."

"I'm getting envious at her waist. Is she even eating?"

"I like her patches. I'll tell my make-up artist to fake some of it on my face next time. Let's make it a trending challenge on TikTok. How about that?"

"Is it really good to gossip about others?" Sebastian interrupted the ladies by further talking about Zoey. The female employees gasped a
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