Chapter Eighty Four: The Sweetest Finale

All's well that ends well.

A knock on the door made Zoey and Dionysus move away from embracing each other. Dionysus wiped Zoey's cheeks gently and smiled. "I love you."

Zoey beamed widely. "I love you, too." Zoey hit her husband's shoulders. "But, I hate you, too."

Dionysus' forehead creased. "Why, baby? Did I do something wrong?"

Shawn and Sebastian materialized beside Dionysus. "I have the results of her tests, Dionysus. And, I want to. ."

Dionysus held his hand up in the air to stop Dr. Sprouse for the time being. "What is it, baby? Come on. Tell me."

Zoey frowned and looked at the two gentlemen standing on the side. "I. . I forgot, Dio. Just don't mind me."

Dionysus smirked. "Then, no one's moving and going away until you tell me why the bloody hell you hate me?"

Dr. Sprouse looked down at his wristwatch. "I don't think I can play along with your lover's quarrel, Dionysus. I have surgery to perform fifteen minutes from now."

"Did you hear that, baby? So, come on. Tel
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What a wonderful story line and it was so hilarious at points.
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