CHAPTER 62: He kissed her!


After a while of exchanging pleasantries and catching up with Emily about both necessary and unnecessary things, I was finally able to escape from the overly chatty woman with the excuse of wanting to use the restroom.

Well, here am I walking down the hallway back to the main hall the gala was holding, a few minutes after.

The girls were busy interacting with some persons the last time I checked. I could tell from their eyes they couldn't wait to hear what I'd talked about with Carlo.

Speaking of Carlo, I couldn't wait to walk up to him now that I'm free from Emily's 'kidnap'. We have a lot to talk about really and I can't wait to meet him.

I bit on my lower lip the moment I felt heat rushed to my cheeks at a random thought. That moment when he'd leaned down and whispered in my ear, I'd felt the butterflies_I didn't think was still existent, in my stomach. My nostrils had enjoyed the sweet savor emitting from his fragrance_my favorite rose and a hint of ging
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