Cold Showers

Cold Showers

By:  Symplyayisha  Completed
Language: English
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To drown away her pain from a harsh breakup, Jayda went to a bar to get wasted. She met Sebastian Miller, The multimillionaire with the worst personality but incredibly sexy. She had a one night stand with him, creating a bond that binds them forever!

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Cold Showers tells the story that Jayda gradually falls in love with cruel Sebastian Miller after a night stand with Sebastian. Jayda is a beautiful girl who is committed to her work. She is often called workaholic by others and becomes the youngest partner in the firm that she works for. It’s difficult to balance between life and work. Eventually she lost her boyfriend due to busy life. She is so sad that she chooses to drink in a club, then she meets Sebastain. More details about their stories are in Cold Showers.

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This is such a good book! A lighthearted and heartwarming one. Really appreciate the epilogue too! Thank you author!
2023-08-02 12:07:34
user avatar
Brenda De La Mater
great book. Nice story.
2023-05-10 01:08:03
user avatar
Eleonor Escrupolo Dela Cruz
nice story. great job author.
2023-02-19 13:56:21
user avatar
Valerie Crabtree
a cute book I enjoyed it!
2023-01-13 22:39:17
user avatar
Anu Barman
love love love this book
2022-11-25 00:27:00
user avatar
sabarati atie
Really love this book... the only book I re-read 4th time so far
2022-08-22 12:33:25
user avatar
Good read ...
2022-07-05 08:51:11
user avatar
Eklenam Salvation
This is one of interesting romantic novels I've read on this app. Jayda and Sebastian's kind of love is what everyone deserves. 5...
2022-06-30 00:16:35
default avatar
It was a really great book. It just goes to show that if you truly want something you will do everything possible for that person. Really enjoyed it very much....
2022-06-12 02:34:13
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Greece Tomasoa
This is a short story but full of expectations. I love a happy ending story and this one is. Thank you.
2022-05-12 03:05:42
default avatar
interesting I enjoyed the book
2022-04-12 15:03:40
default avatar
nice book..
2022-03-06 17:43:38
user avatar
Lori Holden
love this book
2022-02-12 13:12:21
user avatar
Edwin Evasco
im inlove now
2022-01-05 01:22:56
user avatar
cathy knoblauch
I really enjoyed this book. It shows love can come when you least expect it.
2021-12-31 13:10:37
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52 Chapters
Chapter One
Jayda Wright tried to hold back tears as the Board announced her Partner of the most reputable law firm in the United States; Saunders and Co.It was indeed a well-deserved position for Jayda. She has been aiming for this position since the first time she interned as a paralegal in Saunders and Co. She worked her ass off, gave up everything relating to her social life and put her ALL in her job.At age 29, she was the youngest and the first female to become a Partner in Saunders and Co.No doubt being a partner comes with a lot of responsibilities but she was a hard worker so she knew she would survive.Apart from the responsibilities that came with her promotion, She was now like one of the owners of the firm hence, there would be a great increment in her salary, doubled benefits and most importantly, her name would be engraved on the door of her new office. What a dream come true for Jayda!“Thank you so much, Mr Tucker, I promise not to disappoint you.” She said to the president of
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Chapter Two
“You are proving hard to get when I’m trying to help your life!” Sebastian spoke as he sat on an empty stool beside the woman that refused to come to him.Jayda was about taking another shot when she heard the voice, the voice sounded angry and irritated but for some unknown reasons, it sent shivers down her spine.She looked at the owner of the voice and for once she forgot how to breathe. Hot and sexy would be an understatement to describe him. He was even looking hotter in his suit. She would have mocked him about wearing a suit to the club but on her way in, she noticed a couple of others with suits too. Perhaps they all came straight from work.As soon as Sebastian looked into the lady’s eyes, he went still. He never expected the person who refused him to be this beautiful. He saw dried tears on her face and for some unknown reason, he felt the need to ask what made her cry, comfort her and let her know everything will be fine.Sebastian snapped back into reality when he realized
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Chapter Three
Jayda woke up slightly tired. She blushed and buried her face deeper into the pillow as soon as she remembered last night's event. She was also very sore but sore in a good way. Lilian, her best friend will be so proud of her when she tells her that she got a good lay.Jayda opened her eyes and saw that the space beside her was empty, she sat up with the duvet wrapped around her curvy body and came face to face with Sebastian who was dressing up. His back was turned to her so he couldn't see her. She could tell he just had a shower because of how his hair looked.Jayda ran her fingers through her messy hair before she spoke. "Good morning." She said but got no reply.Maybe he didn't hear her."Good morning, Sebastian." She said again. This time around Sebastian took a glance at her, said nothing, then turned his attention back to buttoning his shirt. He made no attempt to reply to her greetings. He also had a stern expressio"Aren't you the one I'm talking to?" Jayda said. She was star
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Chapter Four
Lilian was surprised. She could not believe it was her best friend that was pouring out her emotions before her. Jayda was someone that hardly showed her weak side. Even in tough situations, she always put up a strong face. She couldn't remember the last time she saw Jayda cry.Lily did her best to calm Jayda down. She wiped her face with some tissue."I'm here if you want to talk about it but it's okay if you don't want to," Lilian said carefully.Jayda sniffed "I was devastated after I left Zach's place so I made my way to club 232.""You went to a club?" Lilian asked, shocked. Jayda nodded. No matter how much Lily persuaded her to go to the club in the past, Jayda never gave in."I went with the intention to get drunk but I ended up taking only three shots before I was interrupted by someone. He was very handsome but has the worst personality on earth. I feel so stupid because he used me.""During the first few minutes we talked, I felt kind of connected to him. His voice sent shive
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Chapter Five
Sebastian Miller heaved a tired sigh as he slammed the document he was going through on the table. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t concentrate on anything. All he could think of was Jayda; the passionate night they had together, how he acted like a jerk to her the next morning, the tears in her eyes when he hurled hurtful words at her.The more he remembered her with tears in her eyes, knowing he was the reason for her sadness, the more he hated himself and regretted not going into the bathroom and apologizing to her.Since that night, no second has passed without Sebastian thinking about Jayda. She was all he could see in his dreams and it was making him crazy.He did his best to forget her by calling an ex-fling to meet him at a hotel but for some unknown reason, he couldn’t go through fucking her. He stopped halfway after a little bit of smooching because he realized he wanted something more. He didn't feel the heat, the passion, the burning desire that he had with Jayda.O
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Chapter Six
Four weeks later.These past days had been the busiest Jayda had ever been. There was a whole lot to do now that she was promoted. She had several court cases to handle, consultations to give and contracts to review.She was glad she had so much to do because it kept her mind off the person she gave her most precious thing, Sebastian.By the time she got home every night, she was usually exhausted so she went to bed straight and too tired to think about him.But there were times when she couldn't help but think about him, and whenever she does, she got mad at herself for going to bed with him.At least, once every three days, she replayed the passionate night they had together. It wasn't done intentionally but she couldn't help herself. Sometimes, she could still feel him in her and in as much as she would not want to admit, she missed the feel of his body against hers, how he wrapped his arms around her possessively the night after they made love.What surprised Jayda was that she nev
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Chapter Seven
"How is my niece doing today?" Albert pulled Lilian in for a hug.She smiled, "I'm fine uncle, Happy Birthday to you. Long life and prosperity.""Thank you, dear. I'm glad you're here.""You remember your cousin, Sebastian?" Albert said, gesturing at Sebastian who was standing beside him, holding a glass of champagne.Lilian took a glance at the asshole who hurt her best friend. As usual, he was looking very handsome despite the fact that he had a stern look on his face.Lilian had never seen him smile, perhaps he would be more handsome when he smiled. Sebastian was the total opposite of his parents and twin sisters, it made Lilian wonder what planet he came from."I do remember him" Lilian mumbled, looking back at her uncle."Good. I was just asking him when he was going to give me my first grandchild." Albert said which made Sebastian groan."We've agreed not to talk about this Dad.""I'll keep on talking about it until you give me a grandchild. I want to have one now that I'm still
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Chapter Eight
"I was going to stay mad at you forever if you didn't show up tonight." Grace, Jayda's mom smiled before pulling her daughter into a hug."Good evening Mom." Jayda chuckled."I missed you, Princess" Grace mumbled before she pulled away from the hug."Mom, I'm 29." Jayda groaned playfully."I'm aware. Even when you're 90 you will still be my little princess." Grace smiled."You look different." Her mom commended her."Mom, I'm still the same. I think what makes me look different is because the last time you saw me I was an associate and now I'm a partner.""No, not that. There's this spark in your eyes and I think you've lost a tiny bit of weight. But thank God you're here for the weekend. I will make sure I feed you well.""Where's Dad?" Jayda asked as she reached for her luggage."Your father is in with your brother and nieces," Grace replied as they made their way into the house."Aunt Jayda." Two voices screamed and hugged Jayda's legs tightly.She crouched towards her brother's dau
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Chapter Nine
In as much as Jayda was going through something delicate that made her want to spend all day in bed and continue crying where she left off, she had a job to attend to so that alone made her reluctantly get up from her bed as soon as her alarm buzzed. She did her morning rituals, changed into professional wear and exited her apartment.Jayda was mute all day. She only opened her mouth to give one-word instructions or one-word answers. She was happy the work she had to do made her forget about the pregnancy, even though it was only for a while.She had her cousin order lunch for her. Fortunately, she had some appetite today and she shed a tear when she remembered the food she was eating would be split into two. Half would go to her and the other half would go to the little human growing in her. She could not believe a baby was growing inside her and most of all, she knew nothing about being a mother.After lunch, Jayda buried herself with work-related matters and eventually left the offi
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Chapter Ten
The next morning, Jayda woke up with the need to throw up. She rushed into the bathroom and emptied the contents in her stomach.She felt dizzy after she was done so she sat on the floor for a while to regain her lost energy.Feeling a little better, Jayda cleaned up, did her usual morning routine and got ready for work.Jayda considered today to be one of the days where she woke up on the wrong side of the bed so she was not in the mood to do anything extra. She settled for a simple knee-length official dress and brushed her hair. She decided to go makeup-free today. She reached for her hand and laptop bag, then made her way out of the room."I was about to call you down for breakfast," Lilian said, pointing to the pancakes on the table. She was already dressed up for work too."You look pale this morning." Lilian closed the gap between them.Jayda nodded. "I just had my first-morning sickness, I feel so weak."Lilian pulled out a chair for Jayda and made her sit on it and then took a
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