The dinner party

As the introductions were finished, they moved into the smaller dining room, with Colin and Adina leading the way. Colin showed Adina to her seat next to him at the head of the table. Sean sat to her right and the rest of the guests placed themselves at the table.

The mood was friendly; the food was splendid, and Colin made sure Adina felt included in the conversation. This made Adina relax, and she found herself having fun. She and Julia talked about books that they both had read and Colin and Mateo even got Sean into a conversation with Jason.

“You seem to be happy,” Colin whispered in Adina’s ear. She smiled at him.

“I am having fun,” she admitted.

“I knew you would. You are home,” he said, satisfied, letting his arm draped around her shoulders.

Adina gave him a small smile and gently shook her head. This was not the time and place to have that discussion. At this moment, she was happy to be sitting with her mate’s arm around her, listening to Sean’s voice was relaxed and surrounde
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