Arrogant alphas

Sean’s POV

Sean was sitting in the kitchen, drinking a beer, and talking to Jason. One perk of moving between packs was the opportunity Sean had to talk to the gammas, to learn about different fighting techniques and styles. That way he could continue to evolve and if they were open to it, he was more than happy to share his experience.

Sean had found Jason to be very open and the two of them had fast started walking down the path toward friendship.

As the two of them were sitting and waiting for the BBQ to get hot, they talked about different training techniques. Alpha Colin came walking downstairs, looking like someone had force-fed him a bushel of lemons. Sean could guess who had put the alpha in a bad mood and hid a smile.

Colin walked to the fridge and grabbed a beer, and leaned against the counter as he took a swag out of the bottle.

“Want to talk about it?” Jason asked, shooting Sean a look.

“No,” Colin said. Jason was just about to resume their previous conversation when he wa
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