Mitchell the pack slut

He was about relieving himself when a lady dressed in nothing but a red thong that left nothing to one's imagination walked in.

Looking at the red thong made him remember Alice's body and his self control snapped.

Immediately, he held the lady by her arm and flung her to the king sized bed. Not caring about what the cloth was worth he tore it off her body and began suckling on her left nipple while fondling the other.

The lady moaned loudly from the sensation. Wasting no time on one breast, Sebastian sucked the other nipple, coating it with his saliva. When he was sure he had given both breast the required attention, he Chumped on her painted lip like a starved animal while groaning.

The lady squirmed as she felt her ass being grabbed harshly. Pictures of Alice's figure flashed in his head and Sebastian got more rough with the lady squirming beneath him.

He immediately trailed his fingers down her belly button and teased the tip of her cunt. Mitchell, the pack's slut yelped in delig
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