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Helpless moans and cries could be heard in a room. "Harder...!", She moaned and like a beast who had just been released, he pounded her hard and fast until he spurted his seed in her. He sucked on the lollipop he had used to rub her clit in delight. Seeing this, her eyes got clouded with lust. "What! She's my mate? She's dead?" *** He detested her but his wolf wanted her. She was his mate but he had no idea not until she gave her life away. The spell casted upon him by his childhood friend whom he thought was his mate was broken. He had all along being deceived but what? She died?! He went mad.

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Delinda Schumacher
42 chapters 3-1-23
2023-03-02 02:23:23
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please vote dear readers
2022-06-27 18:53:33
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Just started reading but definitely got my interest!! Keep up the great work !!!
2023-02-15 07:06:08
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Chance encounter
It was a sunny day but that didn't stop the hustling and bustling in Texas, instead it reinvograted their fighting spirits to work harder. "Mum! This is too heavy for me, you know I can't carry this much!" Alice complained to her mother as they walked to her shop. "You wouldn't be here helping me if only you'd get a job! Do you even know your age!" Alice's mother replied angrily while opening the door to her shop. Yes, Alice clocked twenty five years old last month."Mum! You know that's not my fault!" Alice yelled grumpily. Alice's mother had known her daughter since birth so she didn't waste her time arguing with her. This had always been their routine every morning. Just as Alice's mother unlocked the shop successfully, a short chubby woman popped out from God knows where."Aish, you've started scolding your daughter again this early morning! Cut her some slack. You know...I asked you to introduce your daughter to my son so that they'd clique but you refused. If you had accepted
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Cold Justin
She had just taken another step when her nose came in contact with a long leg. Alice felt her head spin, her nose began bleeding and she lost consciousness. A great way to begin a new day, sigh!Meanwhile the owner of the long leg felt something collide with his leg. He stared at the unconscious figure of the petite lady. How could she be so stupid! He sniffed the air and he realized she was also a werewolf but there was something peculiar about her scent.Meanwhile Mrs. Theresa was going in search of Alice. By this time, Alice ought to be doing the dishes but she was no where to be found. Mrs. Theresa turned to look left and right, seeing that there was no one around, she deeply sniffed the air. She caught an unfamiliar scent in the process and her daughter's scent which was mixed with blood. Blood!Immediately, Mrs. Theresa ran to where she suspected the scents were coming from.Arriving at the shelf of books, she saw a tall and handsome stranger standing beside her sprawled daughte
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"Mum! Mum! I have good news!" There was a loud cry of a teenager as he barged into the room looking as agile as ever."Not again!" Mother Theresa sighed resignedly. She just had to take care of one trouble and now another had walked in."What is it Jacob?" The middle aged woman sighed tiredly. The teenage boy paused in his footsteps as he stared at his unconscious sister. After some minutes, he went back to his cheerful self looking unbothered. He was used to seeing his sister unconscious most of the time. She was always doing f**lish things that could bring danger to her and despite knowing this she didn't stop. He rolled his eyes dramatically and took his eyes off her figure then turned to look at his tired mother. Just as he opened his mouth to talk, an object came flying towards him. Like he had expected this, Jacob reflexively dodged it. Ever since he had rolled his eyes at his sister, he knew she was awake and she was up to no good. He was proven right when he caught the sight
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Jacob puffed his cheek in anger but soon turned into a smirk as soon as he thought of something. How dare his sister tease him! "Well I could say the same for you" Jacob said with a small smile gracing his face. As soon as Alice heard this, she had the urge to beat Jacob to a pulp. D*mned brother! She growled at him and Jacob wasn't left behind cause a small babyish growl left his mouth. This made Alice laugh loudly and Jacob didn't need to be told the cause of her laughter. She was obviously making fun of his immaturity cause he was still a teenager who hasn't transform into his wolf form. The only thing he could resort to was to huff and puff loudly while glaring at her.Mrs. Theresa smiled at her children and suddenly felt energetic more than before."Jacob, hand over the flier you're holding" Mrs Theresa said as she stared at Jacob. Hearing his mother's words, Jacob suddenly remembered his reason for his happy smile. He immediately handed over the flier to his mother while secre
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Throw her out
Just as Alice took her seat, there was a commotion. Alice paid no heed to this as she was more anxious about the interview.She was brought out of her thoughts when a pair of shiny shoes stood in her line of sight. She looked up at the person but before she could see his face clearly, her wolf growled, "MATE".Alice immediately rose to her feet then she was able to see the face of the person standing before her. Alice paid no heed to his facial expression and kept smiling at him but the smile was brushed off her face the moment she saw the look of disgust and anger the man was giving her.All her fantasies about her mate having lots of fun her crumpled down before it started. Just as she was on the brink of tears, she thought of another ray of hope which was her mate wasn't a werewolf so he didn't realize that she was his mate. Alice inhaled his scent deeply and the little ray of hope she had also crumbled into pieces. Her mate wasn't a human but a werewolf but why is he staring at he
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Felt comforted
"Throw her out" a voice rang out loudly. As soon as Alice heard this, her feet grew weak and she almost fell to the floor. She instinctively held unto Justin's arm but who knew that as soon as she did this she was immediately flung away which made her end up looking miserable on the floor. Alice fought the tears she was about to shed and bit her lip. Justin threw the guards who were walking slowly a cold look. Sigh, the burly looking but timid guys immediately hastened their footsteps. They wasted no time in holding each of Alice's arms while taking her out of the company. Alice had no time to protest as she was treated like a bag of rice and dragged out of the company. She bowed her head in shame and embarrassment as they dragged her out. Her cheeks were stained with tears that had magically found its way out. Alice was left lying on the floor by the guards who threw her looks of pity. Why would they look at her that way and then still leave her on the floor lying miserably? She did
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Hi guys, sorry for the late update cause I've been sick. I believe with your support, I'll be able to upload weekly as from next month. Nb: "with your support". This is my first time joining a contest. Please be interactive okay? I aim for the best and it's a gradual step. I'll make sure I upload frequently as from next month. To y'all out there who have lost hope, I don't know what you're passing through but just know someone is always out there, looking out for you. Never give up! How are you all doing? So please, help me go higher than I've imagined. It's in God's hands and your hands. Love you all. From author.
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We still have people on the streets that are broke
And no! She wasn't into middle aged men! Hmph! "Oh, it's nothing, no need to be bothered about what I said", Alice smiled sheepishly. "I sure will", the man said and as soon as he did, he pulled Alice by her hand and began dragging her to the company. Alice was in shock and allowed the man to drag her. She woke up from her trance when she began feeling cold. Just as she took notice of her surrounding, she met a pair of frosty eyes and she froze in her steps. The man who had been dragging her realized that she had suddenly refused to walk further. He quietly shook his head and he came face to face with Justin. Not caring about the audience surrounding them, he glared at Justin and ordered; "I want to see you in my office right now! And...you all can go. The post of the secretary have been filled", the last part of his sentence was addressed to the arrogant but sexily dressed ladies who stumped their feet as soon as they heard him. If looks could kill, Alice as well as the middle-ag
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Qualified for the job
She got confused when she saw him press a red button on the wall. Her heart pounded furiously in her chest. Alice's expression was worth making a meme. She was so lost in imagining different scenarios that she failed to notice that the middle-aged man was now staring at her. Meanwhile, the man held in his laughter as he stared at Alice's hilarious expression. A very interesting girl- he mumbled. Not to make Alice awkward, he cleared his throat and motioned her to follow him in.Alice snapped out of her thoughts when she heard the sound. She realized she had been spacing out lately and she needed not to be told the cause of this. "Let's go in", the man said smiling sheepishly. Alice rubbed her head in awkwardness and followed after him. Soon, they stepped into an office and Alice subconciously shivered in fright. The air in this office was very cold and to make things worse for Alice, her mate stepped into the office. Her nerves which were growing less increased with an octave. Her h
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As soon as he said this, a young yet sexy woman barged into the office."Hey baby", the lady chirped and immediately walked towards Justin while ignoring the other two. Alice watched as her mate was being pecked and kissed. Her wolf whimpered in pain but there was nothing she could do. Meanwhile, Justin's father was fuming in anger. Times without numbers, he had tried telling his stubborn son that the slut wasn't good for him but he has always been ignored."Oh, father-in-law, you're here?" The lady asked tauntingly."Veronica, that should be a rhetorical question right?", Justin's father scoffed in anger. He knew Veronica Smith was a white lotus. In the presence of Justin, she was always acting like a saint but when he wasn't around, she'd show her true colors."Dad..", Justin forced out of his clenched teeth.""Don't Dad me Justin, am i that small that she didn't see me first before walking over to you? Isn't she a werewolf? My scent isn't masked", Justin's father, Mr. Sylvester
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