Chapter 10 - Fenriz

I have spent the last three hours introducing my pack members to Umiko. Most of them welcomed her, while the rest of them looked at her with pity. I know they have no hope for her to live longer than a year; none of my other wives reached their one-year anniversaries with me.

After last night’s discovery, I barely slept; even Baron was up all night pacing. What we saw didn’t only surprise the both of us, but it made us realize that we might be in for more than we expected. I find out if this thing inside of her is good or evil, not only that, but what exactly it is.

“Everyone is so kind,” she suddenly says, snapping me out of my thoughts, and I turn to look at her. It’s just after 4 pm, and we’re currently walking on our way back to the mansion after meeting the last of the pack. I’ve introduced her to every pack member but one - my father.

She’s wearing a light blue autumn dress that clings to her lithe body and has her hair pinned up in a ponytail today. Her eyes are shining with e
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