Chapter 41 - Fenriz

I turn around to face the woman I once would have died for, and when my eyes fall on her, I feel nothing in my chest but rage. She offers me an innocent smile that does not reach her eyes, and it occurs to me that she no longer looks as pure and gentle as I once assumed her to be.

“When you told me that you had information for me about my dead Luna, I didn’t think it would actually be my dead Luna,” I growl when I face Alpha Andrei again, and he laughs uproariously.

“I wasn’t sure if you’d come knowing she was here all along; in fact, I feared that you might kill me if you knew,” he says.

I turn my gaze back to Mia, who shuffles uncomfortably. “You have five minutes to bring my son to me; I don’t give a fuck about your reasons for leaving,” I say, watching as astonishment fills her eyes. Did she honestly think this was going to be a warm reunion?

She shakes her head. “I’m afraid that’s not going to happen, Fenriz -”

“And why the fuck not?” I growl, stalking toward her, but Klaus
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goodnovel comment avatar
Bloody Mia! What a rat bag horrible person! Umiko will look after those girls. I think they will all bond because they have all been abused by their parents and now they have an opportunity to live their lives!
goodnovel comment avatar
Marrie Mitipelo
For a minute there... I am Just relieved for Fenriz... And the girls... ......️...️ Ya Big softie... Umiko is going to love you more... Well after she kicks Your arse...
goodnovel comment avatar
Debbie Proffer
So why was he really supposed to find her

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