Ninety-five: Peace

Amelia stepped out of the elevator that led to Jian’s floor, feeling anxious and excited to begin her job. When she’d gotten into the building, she got several awkward stares from some of the employees and she did not doubt that it was because of the recent news but she ignored all of that.

As soon as she walked into his assistant’s office, she jumped to her feet and barrelled into her, engulfing her in a hug.

“I told you, you’d get the job,” Audrey squealed excitedly and Amelia chuckled, loving the young woman's enthusiasm.

She liked Audrey from the very first day she met her and now she was glad she had someone aside from Jian whom she could freely relate with without getting judged for her past or for the rumors that have been spreading about her.

“All thanks to your Good Luck wishes,” Amelia responded, wrapping her arms around Audrey before pulling away.

“I know right?” she said smugly, wiggling her brows at Amelia who only laughed harder.

“I think I’m running late already. Is Jia
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