Author's note

OCTOBER 26TH, 2022

Hello lovelies,

Thank you so much for coming this far and for giving my book a chance. I'm glad to announce that this is the end of Amelia and Ryan's story, but their journey will still commence a bit in the next book that'll solely be Cookie and James' story. Also, if you'd like to know Sylvia's secret, it'll be in the next book, titled PLEASING THE BILLIONAIRE, set to release on NOVEMBER 26, 2022.

Insight into the series:

TITTLE: The Ruthless Billionaires

Book One: A Contract with the Billionaire (exclusively available on Goodnovel and completed)

Book Two: Pleasing the Billionaire (upcoming)

Book Three: (still a work in progress)

Also, don’t forget to vote with gems and leave your comments and reviews on the book’s page. They help me grow as an author.

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Sophia Bendel
Thank you, I’m glad you loved it. James and Cookie’s story is out too on GoodNovel
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Eva Gesul Caps
I had fun reading your novel. Thank you and i will be looking forward to James’ and Cookie’s story…
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Sophia Bendel
Thank you. I’m glad you loved it
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