One-hundred and twelve: Suspicion 2

It was already evening by the time Benjamin returned to the hospital. He walked into the waiting room and was about to head to Lara’s room when the nurse at the counter called him.

“Hello, Mr. Davidson,”

Benjamin glanced at her, annoyance radiating off him but he managed to keep it hidden, schooling his features into a concerned expression.

“Are you here to see Miss Zhang again?” the nurse inquired and he stepped towards her.


“Oh well, she’s been moved. She’s no longer here,”

Benjamin’s brows furrowed and he stared at her as though she’d just sprouted a second head. The nurse saw the confused expression etched on his face and went on to clarify her words to him.

“After you left in the morning, her sister and brother came to move her away. I suggest you ask them about her new location,”

Benjamin tensed, his jaw clenching hard. He nodded curtly.

“Thank you,”

He stormed out of the hospital, his annoyance doubling as he inwardly cursed at Amelia for destroying his plans. If it wa
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