One-hundred and fifteen: One family

“Are you sure you’re ready to do this?” Ryan asked Amelia for the umpteenth time as they drove through the gates of Liu’s estate in Beijing.

After the incident with Lara and Benjamin, and after Ryan settled with his family, Amelia thought it was finally time to hear her father out. She recalled the words Jian spoke to her when she’d run away from Ryan after Selena showed up to destroy their wedding and she decided to give Liu a chance to explain himself. But by the time she called to set up a meeting with him in Jian’s home, her stepbrother informed her that their father was very sick and couldn’t leave his home in Beijing where he was receiving intense care from one of the renowned medical practitioners in the world. Amelia felt terrible that he was ill and they still hadn’t settled their differences. Thus, she’d insisted on seeing him, if he was up for it and she also wanted to finally introduce him to Dora.

“I’m ready,” she breathed out, smiling weakly at Ryan. As if he could under
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