Chapter 96

"I don't know, Ghino. The road we took earlier was completely dark. And the incident was pretty fast. My wolf did not get the chance to glimpse at their faces. Nevertheless, my wolf got their scents." Nathan helplessly explained.

"Russians?" I asked. Part of me wanted to believe that it was the same wolves who breaks into my apartment. But then the incident made me think in a cop's way. The time interval between breaking into my apartment and after the call ended has made me feel skeptical they could make it on time.

They may be wolves, faster and stronger compared to ordinary ones, but the scenario was too impossible for them to reach Nathan's car in just a matter of seconds. So, possibly, it's not them. And as far as I could remember, the one who choked me once said they were not a threat to Nathan's wolf.

"I guess you can say that. Big Boss might have ordered those wolves to scare me, thinking I would give them want they want." Nathan muttered back.

"You mean th
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