Chapter 162: Where Everything Begins

Because I can't stop his blood from flowing, I encourage Nathan to focus on his healing abilities. But Im not sure if he was listening to my words when I could barely feel his breathing anymore. His eyes weren't moving at all either.

After hearing no sound of a single heartbeat from Nathan, I held his hands and applied what Scott taught me about absorbing someone's pain. And I don't care if I'm gonna lose all my strength and power to save Nathan.

"Oh. So, sweet of you, Ghino. Still, trying to revive Nathan's life? Come on. I already told you in the nightmares a few times that you can't beat me. You can't stop me. Because you're too weak for me." Victor kept encircling me as though he was enjoying the show.

"Nathan... Please, talk to me. I can't live without you. Please, wake up." I let go of my grip to relax my muscles a bit. Then, I reached out to his hands for the second time and absorbed all the discomfort that he felt.

"Just give up, Ghino. He's already dead. N
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goodnovel comment avatar
Maybe an epilogue or two of their future? Looking forward to it! Great book!! Enjoyed reading it.
goodnovel comment avatar
I would love to read a sequel on this to see how things go with Nathan and ghino. After everything they went through… of course we want to see them get their happiness.

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