Chapter 105

"It's a long story, Nathan. But Jackson breaks the barrier for us. Only someone with pure human blood can magically break the transparent barrier. As a result, it helped us, wolves, to get in." Ghino explained.

My eyes shortly followed Ghino and his friends marched to the dining area where we left some of the food and drinks. Perhaps they smelled the sweetness and savoured dishes on the table.

"What? But I thought you magically broke the barrier last night, Ghino? I heard Mr Connor and Mr Delfin discussed it was your boisterous howl that breaks it. Even heard them talking about referring to you as True Alpha." Now I'm getting confused and followed them to the dining area.

Out of curiosity, I deliberately laid my eyes outside the nearest window and found out the black towering barrier was still standing from the distance. And Ghino just mentioned Jackson breaks the barrier. Then, how on earth it was still on?

"The three of us tried earlier when we arrived, dude. We
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