Chapter 150

"Enemies!" a man's boisterous yell from a distance erupted in the entire village, followed by the continuous howling of wolves telling everyone to prepare. Mixed worries and fears flooded the entire town in a matter of seconds.

Despite the injury after fitting my werewolf body through the cage, my feet continued trekking, following the trail where we last saw Ghino. When I got to the cage he was in, he was already gone. And I could barely ask anyone when most of the families hiding in their houses were all scared.

They all locked their doors and windows, thinking Victor's wolves or whatever monsters are attacking the village will feel sorry if they will destroy their houses. Whoever suggested that ridiculous idea was completely insane.

Their female alpha, perhaps even agreed to that brainless idea. Subsequently, I continued roaming the village with caution. Then, I remembered they once told us that they are going to hang Ghino to death before the sunset.

Shit. I s
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