Chapter 157

Three days before the full moon, we have gathered a total of sixty wolves from different packs and a hundred humans who are in the middle of their worries and fears of joining forces with us.

We openly declared to them that we are not the way they think about us. That we were the same monsters who killed people. But Scott and I always encouraged them to demolish that kind of mindset; that not all werewolves are as monstrous as Victor.

I hate promises, but Scott promised them that we are getting back what was right for the humans at the right time. In order to make that happen, we need them to have enough courage and help us with the plan.

Roger and his daughter also flew back to Russia to seek help if he could get any. And will give us feedback as soon as possible before the full moon. As far as we know, Victor hadn't completed colonizing the entire United States. That means the rest of the countries are still untouched by Victor's wrath.

However, I'm pretty sure t
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