The heart wants what it wantsThere's no logic to these things. You meet someone, you fall in love and that's that.


Chapter Two

•A A R O N 

I bounced down the stairs, my school bag slung on one shoulder; I couldn't help but wonder how it’s possible for me to have fallen asleep after an early morning jog. Jesse would surely laugh at me if he heard this.

"Morning mum," I said, pressing my lips to his mother, Megan Altamira's cheek. I couldn't help but bask in the lovely sugar and coffee smell, she always seemed to carry around.

"Morning Lee," she said dropping a tray on a stool and her hands going up around me to fix my collar. She had to stand a little on her tip toes because I had another inch to his height, putting me at a proud 6"2. When she was done being handsy on his collar, she gave a brief look and continued on her way. "How was your night?"

"Mum, I had a dream." I said pulling out a chair in the dining room and slowly lowering myself into it.

"Oh really?" Megan asked, her interest picked. "About?”

"Um," I pretended to think about it. "Lunch. I dreamt you didn't pack my lunch."

She gasped, "How horrible."

"I was elated." I rushed out, glancing around and avoiding her eyes.


I sighed; this is not going to be easy to say. "Mum, I would love it if you don't pack my lunch."


"Because, I am a big boy now. I can handle my own lunch. Other guys get to buy their lunches."

"Tch, how ungrateful… And unfair," She says smacking my arm.

"Ow and come on, don't be like that. I love your cooking. I adore it!"

"Oh shut up Lee." Bella Altamira says, strolling into the room dressed in her school uniform. The skirt looking shorter than it was yesterday. "I've got sensitive hearing in the morning."

"You shut up… sensitive hearing my butt. If you have sensitive hearing, you would have killed your ear yourself with your own mouth." I say to her. Bella was that annoying little sister that everyone wishes they never had but loved them all the same.

She stuck her tongue out to him, dumped her bag on the ground and walked into the kitchen. She came out with a tray of bagels and dramatically dumped them on the table,, fixing me a hard look. "What did you do to mum?"

I sighed into his hands, "I told her not to pack my lunch anymore. I shouldn't have, right?"

"Yea. What's so bad about having your lunch packed for you? School food sucks."

"Not in my school and it's not about the food. I just want to go solo." I sighed again. "I'm a douche bag."

Bella smiles, "your words not mine."

I have been looking for a way to tell my mum to stop packing my lunch. It wasn't because I hated her cooking or anything, it’s just because I wanted to buy my own food from on. Some seniors ordered pizza during lunch or ate all kinds of junk food. I on the other hand was stuck with healthy packed lunch. Let the healthy foods be saved for breakfast and dinner. Lunch should be my own choice. And everybody thinks I am a Mama's boy when I am not.


Raising my eyes up to Bella, who was sitting across from me. I broke off a piece of my bread and threw it at her. It smacks her right on her forehead and falls down into her clothes. Bella fished it out and gave me her best glare.

"What did you do that for?" In response, I just stuck my tongue out to her childishly and she sighs. "Leave me alone Aaron, I'm in no mood for your childish games."

Yes, it was Childish and I was that macho, too cool for anything senior. But now I was in the confines of my home and my sister brought out the child behind all the muscles, plus my time with her was limited so instead of leaving Bella alone like she requested, I broke off another piece of bread and threw it at her, daring her to ignore me.

Bella looks up with a harder glare and my smile breaks her ignoring chain. "Oh, it’s on." She says challengingly as she breaks from her toast ready to throw it at me.

"No, no." An authoritative voice says as Javier Altamira, their dad enters the dining room. "Don't do that with your food Bella."

"Then with my shoe?" She asks her eyes still on me, then she reluctantly turns to dad and the look he sends her makes her lower her hand. "But he started it. Lee threw at me first."

"When?" I ask smiling at Bella and she practically growls at me.

"Don't mind him. Whereas you're a princess, he is a caveman." Dad says giving Bella a kiss to the cheek.

I snort, "Yeah, right. Princess indeed."

Dad glares at me and I subsequently shut my mouth, returning back to eating my food.

Bella Altamira was surely their father's princess. Although she looked just like her mum, she has blond hair from her father with his blue eyes. The complete package, I always thought to myself. She was 14 years old and really smart too. I look exactly like his father, just with my mother's brown hair. I had the blue eyes too. Beautiful is what I am.

Bella giggles in victory and I give up. "Well, morning dad." We do a mastered handshake that we keep between ourselves – father and son.

"Morning Aaron, please leave your sister out of your jungle behaviors." Javier Altamira says fumbling with his neck tie.

"I'll try." I say wiggling my brow at Bella and she glares at me.

Megan Altamira returns back into the dining and dramatically huffs at me before turning to Javier to help him with his neck tie. I watch her in disbelief, I couldn't help but think that she was taking things too far. But then again his mother has always been a dramatist.

"Mum?" I practically whine but she refused to look at me.

"What's wrong?" Dad asked confused.

"AL doesn't want mum to fix his lunch anymore." Bella babbled and smirks at me.

Dad glares at me before turning to his wife. "Darling don't mind him. You have my lunch to make for the rest of our lives."

"My lunch too," Bella adds and I roll my eyes.

"So now I'm the Villain?"

Megan sighs, "No problem Lee, I'm just going to miss fixing your lunch, is all. And it’s like you're growing up too fast."

"Tell me about it." Bella says rolling her eyes.

I smile at mum giving her a quick hug, "I'm all yours mum. Even when I go to college."

"Liar," Bella says and I wish underneath my breath that she was the one sleeping upstairs and not my four year old sister. Right this moment, I loved Maria Fernanda – my other little sister – more than her.

"Don't listen to her."

Breakfast ends quickly after that and I go out to the underground garage to pick out a car for the day. My dad, Javier Altamira is obsessed with cars and over the years, I have picked up the obsession and passion for cars, and every other thing with wheels. Together we went shopping across the globe and always returned with over the top cars. I started getting cars as a birthday present ever since I was fourteen years old. I had four cars to himself now and I couldn't be more proud.

I settle for my silver colored Mercedes Benz class concept coupe. It was one of my favorites and pretty sleek. As I drive out, I see Bella getting into dad's car and Mafe – Maria Fernanda – waving at me dressed in her kindergarten uniform.

Corner view High was one of the few private schools that didn't insist on the students wearing the uniform every day. Except on Mondays and Fridays, when they have this group Major assembly and all students needed to look 'harmonious'. I pulled into the parking lot, driving right into my spot and get out. I see Jesse Donovan, my best friend leaning on top his motorcycle and messing with the top button of his white shirt absentmindedly.

"You want to pull it off?" I ask walking up to Jesse. The latter look up and sees me a small smile morphing on his face.

"No, should I leave it open? Should I not leave it open?" Jesse asks standing up to his full height, which is the same as mine.

"Life struggle man." I say as we shake hands and start walking towards the school building.

As they walk inside, students around hallway start making way for them to walk through. I had on a ghost smile, while Jesse rocked the poker face. They made it to their lockers which were side by side – per request.

I and Jesse Donovan have been best friends ever since our diaper days. Our mom's were best friends, and it’s like we were born for each other. Jesse's a month older and always gets taller first before I catch up. Jesse's slightly bulkier but other than that, we are same in structure. Jesse has dark hair and brown eyes. I have brown hair and dark blue eyes. I am richer but they live alike. Students call us and the friends we hang out with, 'the populars'. We are very well feared and respected.

I am the school's quarterback in football and the captain in Lacrosse.

"You won't believe what happened to me last night." Jesse started, shutting his locker with bang. I raise a brow and Jesse continues. "I got a call from an unknown number and even though it’s almost midnight, I pick up and guess who it is?"


"Lora King." Jesse says as if the mere mention of the name brought physical pain to him.

"No way," I say, right before I burst out laughing. "How did she get your number?"

"I don't know. I have to elope." Jesse answers, looking around the hallway for anyone with short blond hair.

"What did she want?"

"She just kept talking about this nightmare and I kept the phone by my bedside and fell asleep. This morning I saw eleven missed calls!"


Lora King is a popular girl in their school who was obsessed with Jesse. She's been professing her undying love for him since sophomore year.

Jesse and I didn't date with anyone. Jesse wasn't a one girl guy and he wasn't into commitments either, an opposite to me. I was a one girl guy and was just waiting for my one girl that I would be committed to. I didn't want the meaningless flings anymore and I got attached easily. I wanted something serious and I haven't found a girl – the girl for him.

"So what do I do?" Jesse asks.

I shrug, "Think fast because here she comes."

We both look forward and see three girls heading their way; Quinn, Lora and Madison. Jesse groans hitting his head repeatedly on his locker while I stifle a laugh.

"Hey guys." Quinn greets, adding a little wave and a large smile.

"Hey girls," we both greet back just without the enthusiasm.

"Hi Jesse," Lora says crawling unto him like a spider. I shoot Jesse a sympathetic look and while I am distracted, Quinn Fanning places a quick kiss on the lips.

I grab her shoulder, creating more distance between us. "Knock it off Quinn. You have a boyfriend." I look around to make sure nobody saw it.

"It's just a kiss AL, chill."

I give her a look, then nod and subtly pull Lora off my best friend. She was whispering something into his ear and Jesse kept backing up, wishing he could fly.

"We need to get to class." He says simply and they both walk away leaving the girls behind.

"Thanks for that." Jesse says dusting his uniform with his hands.

"You should just date her. She's pretty."

Jesse snorts, "Anyone but Lora King. One date and she'll start naming our grandkids."

I laugh as they enter their English class. Ms Jenkins smiles at us, grateful that we were early and we both make it to our seat at the back of the class. She starts teaching when all other students arrive and it doesn't takes up to five minutes before I get distracted by the figure looming outside the door. Ms Jenkins eventually see it too.

"Hello there, are you coming in?" Ms Jenkins asks and I don't hear what's being said but Ms Jenkins nods and waves the person in. "The new student I've been expecting."

Now everybody's interest is piqued and the class goes pin drop silent.

"New student huh?" Jesse says wiggling his brow and AL chuckles. For some reason, all his attention is at the door, anticipating.

Another minute goes by before a girl steps in. She wasn't putting on a uniform like the others. I straighten up as I look at her. She has on dark jeans and on her feet she wore a converse. I conclude that she must prefer comfort to style. She has blond hair covered by a milky beanie. She wasn't short or tall. I smiled to myself, she was gorgeous.

"Class this is our new student. Introduce yourself." Ms Jenkins spoke up, giving the girl some space.

She looked really uncomfortable and stared to the ground, her hands clutching her phone and ear piece tightly. " Um..." She gulped and looked up. "Hello."

I find my breathing hitched up as I saw her eyes and heard her voice. Wow.

"I'm Noel Atkins." She says and is cut off by Jesse who does a loud wolf whistle.

"Christmas sure came early this year." Jesse says and the class cackles up.

"Stop it. She's already uncomfortable." I spit out, earning a raised brow from Jesse.

She gulps then looks up again with a smile, I detect it as fake. "I'm from California and that's pretty much all."

I doubt it.

I look at her as she walks to her appointed seat and sits down. With her eyes closed, she exhales and mumbles. "It’s okay. It’s okay." I smirk at her, she was beautiful and cute.

Jesse nudges me with an elbow. "Stop staring."

I look away, blushing slightly. "I wasn't."


It doesn't take a minute before my eyes return to her and I have the urge to walk up to her and say;

"Welcome Noel."

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