Chapter 15_ Anger, Hurtful Tears and Aching Hearts.

Alex swallowed his words when he suddenly heard hers, he blinked his eyes twice and cleared his throat after coming back to his senses. His words were supposed to be more important and officially he wanted her for business purposes only.

" Mr. Alex, what do you say?"Alyssa broke the silence bringing him back to reality. The smile that she kept was tempting enough to agree but Alex wanted to show himself he could be tougher and not moved.

When he still didn't give her a reply, she tapped her legs on the ground to get back his attention. " That's a yes right?" Whispered and continued looking at him.

" I don't think it would be ...."

" Oh thank you, Mr. Alex, I'll go get everything ready and believe me you're going to be stunned" Alyssa Interrupt fully aware of what he wanted to say, but she wasn't in for rejection, and besides she had gathered so much bravery just to say this so she wasn't going to take no for an answer.

Biting her lower lips and hoping he wouldn't be quick to say anythi
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