Chapter 22

No matter how often Scarlett dialed his number, Griffin wouldn't pick up his damn phone.

"Griffin still isn't answering..." Scarlett sighed and looked out through the limousine window. She was close to tears. "Why did he leave me? He should know that I want him..."

"Perhaps you can try calling him again tomorrow?" Lucy asked in a low voice. She was following Scarlett home in the vehicle, ready to sleep over to comfort her friend.

"What if he doesn't pick up later either?" Scarlett's heart was ripping into shreds, tearing apart from the inside.


A tear ran down Scarlett's cheek. "Griffin... He has been my everything for this past week, Lucy. I've spent every hour with him, and... I'm in love with him. So madly, deeply in love with that man."

Lucy furrowed her eyebrows, placing her hand on Scarlett's shoulder with a saddened expression. "He will come back to you."

Scarlett bit back a sob and held her gaze. "How do you know?"

"Because once he realizes you're the love
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