10- Warning

Alessandra Benjamin:

Swords were clanking and I was attacking Dimitri at every chance I was getting. When I kicked his knee, he dropped his sword and fell on his back.

My sword was pointed towards his neck now. I was panting and my face was soaked in my sweat.

“Excellent, my Luna.” He complimented me with a chuckle. I offered him my hand to help him stand up.

“So… What do you think so far?” I asked him like a child waiting to be praised by his teacher. He started walking beside me.

“You are definitely improving, my Luna. I never knew you are a quick learner.” Coming from him, this was a compliment indeed.

After my training, I was heading towards my room when I heard uncle Zayn behind me, “Hey, dear niece!”

I turned and hugged him, “How are you, uncle?” He ruffled my hair and offered me his arm. “How was your training, today?”

“Oh. Dimitri thinks it’s getting better day by day.” Uncle Zayn was my maternal uncle and took care of me after my parents’ death.

After I became the
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goodnovel comment avatar
Yay! Tonight I thought I would check to see if you had started a new book. I was pretty excited to find you had! What a great book it promises to be! I love it already. I am glad you chose to follow up with “not so” little Noah! Excited to read more! <3

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