59- Kill Her!

King Noah James:

After discussing the next day’s presentation, I had my dinner in the office. I had been missing her company so after completing my work I decided to take her outdoors.

She already had dinner with my family and Goddess knew I had been getting her beautiful face images throughout my work time. Abramo had been messing with my mind lately.

Taking off her black wrap, she slowly slipped down into the swimming pool. It was my idea to show her the main pool area.

She was wearing decent one-piece swimwear. Standing in the pool I was just looking at her, the way she gracefully started taking laps.

After completing a few of them, she stood on the opposite corner trying to show me the confidence which was not even there, “I thought you wanted to swim, my lord.”

I shook my head and started gliding towards her, “This is the pool where I grew up swimming with Talia, mother, and father. And…” Kissing her nose I continued, “If you will open the door of your bedroom you will find a pri
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Glad Ashley cleared the air about possible end results...
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Alessandro is so stupid she look over so much. kiara is so crazy. she need disappear from story she a child. noah is grown man only see her as a sister why she jada just go away. noah is a jerk to keep does woman there that he sex with
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Parwan Kaur
please update more .....

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