67- Meeting Amerigo

Alessandra Benjamin

I kept walking while humming to myself. The cool breeze was causing tingles in my bare arms.

I tried to tie my hair with an elastic band but then decided against it.

The place seemed strange but my soul felt so relaxed, carefree, and happy.

"When your dreams come alive you are unstoppable. Chase the sun... find the beauty..."

Urgh, I was trying to sing this song but seemed to forget its lyrics.

Ok. F*ck with the song!

I will sing whatever I want. Whatever the lyrics ... there was no one to judge me.

Plucking a small mauve-colored flower, I fixed it in my hair.

Taking off the floral scarf from my neck I tied it around my head to keep the hair off my forehead.



A familiar voice was calling my name. And now I remembered why I found this place so strange. I had been walking for so long but did not find a single soul on the way. And now this voice...

"You have come so far, Alessandra Benjamin. Won't you meet me, sweetheart?"

Though I coul
Lisa Salman

Thank you so much every one for your loving and encouraging words. You people are right. I should not pay heed to the ones who can not see through my characters. So, I am back again. And will try to be regular with the updates. I love you all. xoxo.

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Simply. Gorgeous
Thank you. I love your story
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Barbara Grawey
OMG I wasn’t expecting that. Can’t wait to find out what’s next ...️
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Vickie Robinson
Hope there’s gonna be a sequel

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