“I may not know about your plans or intentions. I may not care what you do to me, break my bones, break my mind, break my spirit. Destroy my belongings… But if you lay a single finger on my family and my people… I will not rest until I have all your heads under my boot. And for the death of Hashi, his blood is solely on your hands. I will repay, a life for a life. I will hunt all of you to the ends of the earth, Anato Strider will be the first to fall under my sword, that is not a threat, it is a promise!”

The figure turned towards him, “... Farewell my king, and understand. His death was for a greater cause, and there cannot be peace without war, just as there cannot be love without hate.” a bright flash of light swallowed him and he vanished. Drom felt a cold surge charge him up. His veins filled up with vengeful blood, cracking his skin in dark networks germinating all over his body. For the sake of his kingdom, he had to ravel the feral side he tucked away inside him. The animal c
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