Just let me be a cannon fodder

Just let me be a cannon fodder

By:  Loueli  Ongoing
Language: English
9 ratings
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"Who said I hated you?" It took me a moment before I could process what this man just said. "What do you mean you don't? Na-" He grabbed my hand suddenly and looked me in the eyes which caught me off guard. "You keep saying her name that it annoys me to the point that I just want to erase her existence." Is this man seriously telling me that he'll kill the female lead?

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I love the Cover, who is the artist??
2022-06-02 03:22:17
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Great story! I’m totally hooked! How often do you update?
2022-05-04 09:29:05
user avatar
Jainishaa Mani Maran
pls update
2021-09-12 19:32:32
user avatar
Julia Nora
amazing story, keep going! i am wondering, do you have any social media to discuss your story further?
2021-07-19 13:41:43
user avatar
It's a really funny and interesting book. I love the plot and characters!
2021-07-06 09:33:29
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Marijke roeterd
loved the book. please update I'm already hooked to this story!
2021-04-01 03:42:19
default avatar
I love it! Read it on scribble hub and came here to leave a comment. I like your story telling! You know how to play with the emotions. Cried when its a scene with her family. Keep on updating please. No rush. Like one of comment from people who read this book, 'Art takes time'.
2021-03-31 01:22:09
user avatar
Jossa De Lumen
The plot is really interesting, but what happened? I think something was wrong. Waiting for the updates Author, please continue to update this novel. Godbless
2021-05-25 03:30:23
user avatar
we have been waiting for upon over a year.
2023-02-09 13:38:53
41 Chapters
"That's the point, I'm not Yvonne, this isn't a book anymore so if you want someone who'll follow some predestined script of yours then find yourself a contractor and bring me back to my world!"  This finally shut the cotton-like creature up. I have been infuriated by it, constantly telling me to act like Yvonne. Yvonne this, Yvonne that, he just wouldn't shut up. It has been exactly 5 months since I woke up in another girl's body. I couldn't even process it and sat on the bed for 3 straight days. I was in my last year in med school preparing for the exams when the college elevator in the chemistry department broke. I was going down from the 14th floor when I heard a creak and felt the elevator halt and shake. After a few moments, I was falling 70 kilometres per hour. What bothered me was why there weren't any installed breaks for certain emergencies like that. The probability of me dying from a falling elevator is one in a million.
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Says the one who paid someone to take her board exams
Chapter 1 - Says the one who paid someone to take her board exams After arguing and compromising on the subject of "Act like Yvonne", we finally agreed on something. The main reason why The little cloud wanted to stick close to the "leads" is that they provide so much spiritual energy when each of them interact. So I don't necessarily need to get close to them, they're just the nearest "significant characters".Since Yvonne wasn't a significant character, or what you call a "lead", we settled on with staying neutral on important scenes, collecting spiritual energy and hoarding! I was never a spender, the idea of spending my money on such luxuries was never possible for me. What satisfies me is earning money and hoarding cheap items. I smiled sincerely as I lay on the disgusting princess bed. I painted the walls in navy blue and white. I also repainted the antique cheap desk and bed frame I found in the market. I slowly replaced e
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Fountain episode
Chapter 2 - Fountain episode "What?! That's impossible." He was also about to pop his eyes out from shock. How could his sister even achieve this?"This was six months worth of her certificate." His father said."Six months?!" She was able to win a thick stack of certificates within just six months!? He didn't know how to react. She has been acting weird these days, but he didn't expect such a change!"Father, are you sure this wasn't made up? Maybe she paid the professors?" Victor entered his room and Michael followed behind."I asked that question to her adviser as well but she just congratulated Yvonne for her change, she thought that she changed for the better." Both Michael and Victor were very skeptical,  but the evidence before them was solid. As they continue to argue whether it was real or not, a girl was already sleeping in her room soundly.Demi woke up at the usual time and wore her re
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Arrogant Bastard
Chapter 3 - Arrogant Bastard "Look at them!" "So the rumors were true?" "That's impossible, Prince isn't even looking at her." "But he's not denying her though." A lot of gossiping has been going around lately about the new student Natalie and the "Prince". An through their interaction, Nova and I have been profitting a lot. Nova has become fluffier and his fur has become smoother.They were currently in the cafeteria eating lunch, we were in a spot way back so that we can still hear and see them but the two can't.Natalie has been following this "Prince" for the past month and has been consistently showing up in front of Lucas. Natalie was a naturally clumsy girl, so there were a lot of times that situations turn awkward, I couldn't help but laugh. There was a time when She spilled paint on his uniform, our year was doing an art activity t
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 - Why is this place filled with arrogant twats? "A-arrogant what?! Did she just call me bastard?!" The young man felt his heart drop for some reason, he didn't know how to reply and was stunned. He didn't really think of her as an admirer, he didn't know how to approach her, thus, he came off as arrogant towards her. He didn't know that he came off as arrogant and that's why he didn't expect that kind of reply. Lucas was stunned in his spot unable to move. Demi couldn't wait to tell Nova what had happened, she was infuriated by the guy's narcissism. The audacity! Demi walked towards the courtyard outside the cafeteria with her arms crossed, she couldn't wait for Nova to come. She sat down on the bench behind the tree in the corner and tried calming herself down. Ten minutes had passed when a figure cast a shadow on her. She opened her eyes and saw the guy that often goes to the library. 
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5 - Mr. English man, I gotta go.'They're going to appear here Demi.' Nova and I are currently sitting on a mall bench and waiting for an opportunity to collect energy. Today's events would unfold like this: Natalie's childhood friend (also her childhood crush) visited the city. Lucas, who was also at the mall, bumped into Natalie whilst her lead cousin was searching for clothes. There will be a tense atmosphere, Natalie wants to tag along with Lucas but his childhood friend was with her. 'Ha~ I feel bad for the guy.' Nova stated with a heavy sigh. 'I mean, why would you inviting a guy to hang out but leave him alone to join another guy?' He complained about how Natalie was fickle-minded and all that. 'I don't know, ask the one who made it?' I raised a brow and rolled my eyes. He's the creator, why complain? 'Oh~ yeah.
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 - "Because you were never a father to begin with." "Why, am I not allowed here?" I raised a brow and looked at her. I saw a figure standing alone and peeking. For some odd reason, I knew that it was that smirking girl. I felt irritated once again just thinking about her. "You know what? Never mind." She was about to fight back but just sighed, did something happen? I unconsciously started peaking out the corner when she suddenly walked away. "Wait, where are you going?" I said out of nowhere. She looked at me with a defeated face. "Out." "Out the mall?" I asked "Where else, genius?" She started getting annoyed for some reason, I almost laughed out loud because of her face. She was furrowing her brows and slightly pouting. I looked back at the corner again and saw a familiar girl laughing with a guy. My mood suddenly went do
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7 - Little thief 'Why did she give up an argument that easily.' Whenever he comes back from college during holidays, she would never back down from an argument, especially from him. Even if she was wrong she would always state her opinion and say that she was right. If it's about something against her, she would prove her point until the end, she was that strong headed. "You pampered her too much." Victor told his father as he started slicing the piece of steak on his plate. "Indeed." his father agreed. "I-It wasn't the young miss." Two maids were standing beside the serving trolley. One spoke shakily. "Mrs. Beth caused it all." The second maid in front supported the first maid's claim. "And how do we know you two weren't bribed?" Victor raised a brow and looked at the two maids. He was skeptical as to why the two would speak
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8 - "It's long, thick, and hard!" "Alastair." Even after I checked all of the returned books, the name 'Alastair' was still in my mind. I'm sure I've heard it before, but where? I returned to my class and waited for the class to pass by, I was never enthusiastic in school anyway. And 'I've been through this this once, why would I want to go through it twice?' It was Physical Ed and we had to change into sports wear. 'I don't have energy for this.' I sighed and went to the girl's locker room late, I was napping in class and no one woke me up. I was already 3 minutes late when I woke up. I rushed towards the gym and towards my locker. *CLATTER* "What the-" A pile of empty juice boxes, empty chip bags, and rolled up paper fell. My shirt and pants were wet with water. I picked up a paper roll and opened it. "WHORE". I felt Nova peek out from my hair
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 - Daylily "Y-you see, It's long, thick, and hard!" *CRICKET SOUNDS* 'What the f*ck did I just say!?' Demi's face began turning red, 'That sounds so wrong out of context!' Demi knew that she messed up big time as her face became a tomato within a few seconds and her panic was getting out of control. "I gotta go! HA-HA see ya' around!" She couldn't handle the embarrassment and ran towards where her bike was parked. 'I messed up BIG TIME, Nova!' 'What the hell was I thinking!' Demi kept cursing herself as she walked fast to avoid the crowd. The female students didn't hear their interaction clearly and only looked at her strange. 'I can't wait for what nasty rumors would come tomorrow.' Demi expects for the whole female population of the school to turn hostile towards her. "Where are you go-"  He wanted to talk to her more but was unable to be
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