"I booked two rooms."

"Sorry, we only have one room left."

"Then it won't work. Let's go."

"I'll book that one room."

"What are you doing?" Avelyn glared at Lean who was doing a deal with the motel clerk. Anxiously, she stuffed her hands into her trousers pockets, then looked at the motel clerk who happened to be a woman with glasses with a fierce gaze.

"This is all that's left, you can't force your will, Ave."

"Let's find another motel!" said Avelyn stubbornly.

"The next motel is seven miles from here."

Quick as lightning Avelyn cast a glare at the woman which implied that she wasn't asking her to speak, so why was she talking. Feeling stared at her very fiercely, the woman became afraid and immediately busied herself with the guest book which she tried to flip through to fill the void of time.

"Did you hear that? Seven miles! I'm not sure we'll get there whole without the storm. Or if you are desperate to go there, it might just be your head or your body that will get there
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