Ever since the first night Xavier bedded Kendall he hasn't been able to keep her outta his head no matter how hard he tried.

He could practically still remember how she tasted.

A frown appeared on his forehead as he thought of other things he didn't understand.

The board of directors were utterly silent as they watch their boss who went over a change in emotion and they became scared he isn't happy with the presentation.

They knew how cold the big boss was and won't think twise before firing someone he finds incompetent.

Xavier's eyes were glued to his phone as he thought about her all through. He'd secretly left his number on her phone so why isn't she giving him a call yet.

He's rich and handsome,every girl would die for an opportunity to be with him and yet the one he took interest in is just so hard to understand.

He raised his head to look at his subordinates who were looking at him like he'd grown horns.

"Why did you stop?" He asked with a straight face. They all couldn't help
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