Leilani gently removed the earrings she wore and dropped them as she looked at herself in the mirror.

" Kaden's mistress? Isn't that what you are? A cheap, conniving mistress." The words rang in her head again and she chuckled then scoffed.

" Mistress? Erica? Like, Erica opened her mouth and called me a mistress?" Leilani frowned but when she remembered her completely cold face when she referred to her as ' Erica', she started rethinking.

" Erica's a sweet person and can't be this idiot I just met out there." She thought.

" What if she isn't the person you're thinking she is? Might be another person." Ava suggested in a lazy tone.

" And where were you when she was calling me such names?" Leilani hissed.

" It's none of my business, human. My only focus and goal's on my mate and not some annoying human like you." Ava snapped and as usual, Leilani felt like hitting her, then she remembered Erica again.

" Is it possible for one to look like someone that much?"

" It is." Ava responded.

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