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Meet Skyler Jackson. She is the Alpha's 17-year-old nearly 18-year-old daughter, but is also the pack slave and the Alpha's punching bag. She dreamed of a mate when she was younger but doesn't believe, anymore. Meet the Mason brothers: Cole, Elijah, and Nathan. They are the Alphas of the most feared pack in the country. They are said to be ruthless and cruel to whoever crosses them, but they will also protect packs and loved ones with their lives. What will happen when Skyler meets these three brothers? What will happen when one commits the ultimate betrayal? Will she be able to forgive? Will his brothers? What will be in Skyler's future? * Warning: contains some abuse and mature content *

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Skyler is a near 18-year-old daughter of the Alpha in her pack. However, she is never loved by her parents and is often abused. As customary of werewolves, they will find their mates on their 18th birthday through scents. Skyler also imagines what her mate will look like, however, she, as a slave in the pack, often reminds herself that it’s impossible for her to find a mate when she is immersed in imagination. She thinks that she doesn’t deserve others’ love until she meets the mason brothers. It’s said they are ruthl.ess and cruel. However, they are kind to the people in their own pack. What will happen when three brothers want one mate? Read THREE BROTHERS! ONE MATE!

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Cheryl Williams
This is my second read of this book. I appreciate it more the second time around. After reading several of Lockness's books I have concluded that Lockness is a talented writer and I am anxious to read more of her works.
2023-08-24 00:43:14
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T White
cute book.
2023-02-11 21:11:50
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Mandla justice
it is a great story to read
2023-01-07 04:21:53
user avatar
Elvira Oliveira
I love you
2022-10-12 06:15:54
user avatar
Roxy paola Fernandez
2022-10-10 14:41:43
user avatar
Florence Su
AWESOME book! The best Ive read in years. Well done, author .. ...️
2022-10-08 19:45:30
default avatar
Felicia Gochett
Very interesting book.
2022-10-04 23:54:32
user avatar
Cassandra Bernier
Very good book. I'm very happy you're writing a book #2 to keep following the characters
2022-10-04 11:15:58
default avatar
I really like the story, I just wish it didn’t cost so much to open each chapter!
2022-09-26 10:17:08
user avatar
Anu Naeole Kama
Absolutely love this book. I need this on kindle so I can read it all the time. This 2 hour wait is killing me ......
2022-09-24 04:30:40
user avatar
Samuel Moang
love this book.
2022-09-23 16:59:16
user avatar
Filolia Emilcar
I've only read a few chapters but I can already tell this is a excellent novel.
2022-09-20 01:30:40
user avatar
Violeta Cristaldo
Excelente tema
2022-09-16 07:54:10
user avatar
Umesalma Wahab Michael
Do you only publish on goodnovel?
2022-09-15 00:30:31
user avatar
Great book, love the dialogue =)
2022-09-14 16:08:26
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79 Chapters
Chapter 1 - INTRO
SKYLER'S POV "SKYLER! SKYLER!"I woke up to my brother James yelling from downstairs and the sun shining in my eyes. I stretched my sore muscles that are slowly recovering from my punishment last night. I look at the clock and gasp as a shiver of fear runs through my body. It's after 8 in the morning and I should have been up at 5:30 to make enough breakfast for the entire pack.   I look at my alarm and realize that it had gone off, but I had slept through it, not that it was actually surprising as my punishment last night was one of the worst I have had in a while. I only just got up to my room and onto my bed before the pain made me pass out. I get out of bed and up onto my feet as quickly as I can and ran into my small bathroom; I did my morning routine as quickly as I could, missing my shower, not that it mattered when I had it as my showers are always cold. I throw on a pair of black skinny jeans, a
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CHAPTER 2 - History
SKYLER'S POVThe next morning, I actually wake up with my alarm. I'm extremely stiff and sore. I'm sure my bruises have bruises. I slowly get up and make my way into my bathroom. I use the toilet, then hop into the shower. Oh, how I wish I could shower downstairs as the hot water doesn't reach the attic. I don't even think the Alpha had the hot water connected all the way up here, just another one of his daily punishments. If I can get up early enough and be as quiet as possible, I can occasionally steal a warm shower on the next floor down, but that is usually only like once a month, so it won't be this morning. I grit my teeth so they won't chatter as I wash the grime and dry blood off my body as quickly and as carefully as I can, then I wash the blood out of my hair, turn the water off and get out. I move into my room and sit down at my vanity, the only thing my dad the all-mighty Alpha would allow me to keep from my old room, looking in the mirror my
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CHAPTER 3 - Birthday Shift
SKYLER'S POV I finished preparing the special lunch for the visiting Alpha. I had just completed the cleaning of the kitchen from my cooking when I feel a sharp pain run up and down my back and into my arms and legs. I try to hold in my scream and hold on to the kitchen counter hard until the pain passed. Once the pain has passed, I slowly make my way to the stairs. I put my hand on the rail and suppress another scream as another wave of pain runs down my spine. I wipe the tears from my cheeks and freeze as I see my fingers. They now have claws instead of fingernails. Just as another wave hits, I realize that my body is getting ready to shift. I wait for this wave of pain to subside, let go of the railing, and then ran out the back door, through the woods, until I make it to the flower field. I had always told Mum after we found the flower field that this is where I wanted to have my first shift, as there was w
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CHAPTER 4 - Alpha Mason
ALPHA COLE MASON'S POV This is one thing I hate about my job, I hate having to travel to the other packs and having the Alpha's of those packs kissing my arse, but if I want to keep my allies and my treaties up to date either me or my brothers have to visit each one. Unfortunately, I drew the short straw today and I'm the one that has to do the visit to the Midnight Lake Pack. On the bright side, I might find my mate. We each believe we will, one day, meet our mates on one of these alliances or treaty updates. We, or should I say I am hoping that we won't have the same mate. I don't know if I or my wolf Xander would be able to share her. My name is Cole Mason and I am one of 3 Alphas from the Royal Blood Moon Pack. I am traveling today with our Beta Max Fight. It's a long 6-hour drive from our pack to the Midnight Lack Pack. I hate these long drives. I would have preferred to have run in wolf form, but I am tra
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CHAPTER 5 - New Life and Love
SKYLER'S POV I hear someone say something softly to me but I can't make out what is said over the pain running through me. I think he just re-broke the ribs Alice had just finished healing. I then feel two arms wrap around me and lift. I feel like I'm floating. I know that they are not the Alpha's as they are not cold like his have been since I was 7. These arms are warm and then I am surrounded by this divine scent of chocolate and rain. That is when I realize that I am being carried in a pair of strong arms belonging to someone that I don't know. I feel sparks everywhere his arms touch my body even through the thin layer of clothes I was wearing, but now instead of feeling scared, I relax as I feel comfortable and safe like nothing can touch or hurt me. I snuggle closer to the warmth, inhale deep, and fall back into darkness. I jolt up with the sun in my eyes, looking at the time to see that it is 11 am and p
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CHAPTER 6 - Sister Shopping
SKYLER’S POVAfter falling asleep thinking about my mother, I wake up the next morning from a restless sleep. I didn’t get more than an hour’s sleep at a time due to my nightmares. I haven’t had the nightmare about the rogue that killed my mum for nearly four years, but last night he kept coming back. The difference with last night’s nightmares was that each time I woke and then went back to sleep, the rogue kept changing, first one was of the original stinky brown rogue, in the next one the rogue was my dad attacking me, then it was James. In each nightmare, the rogue changed and I would wake up just before they killed me, as in my dreams there is no one there to save me. The next one was Elijah and then the final one was of Cole. This terrifies me, to see Elijah and especially Cole as the rogue attacking me, since he was the one to actually save me from my living nightmare. I shake with fear as I don’t know how thin
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CHAPTER 7 - Another Mate
SKYLER’S POV I am woken up by Katie snoring in my ear. I laughed quietly to myself and slowly slide out of the bed so I don’t wake her and head into the bathroom. Once I was finished in the bathroom, I walked back into the bedroom and checked the time; it was still early but not the 5:30 am I was required to be up at home; I had to make sure that breakfast for the pack was made and ready for them to make big pigs of themselves at 7 am. I sigh, as I know now that I am awake. There is no way I am going to get back to sleep, so I step into my closet and picked out some of my new clothes to wear. I put on some underwear that has a matching bra, I then pick some slim-fitting black jeans and a loose-fitting long-sleeved purple blouse. Satisfied with my new outfit, I make my way down to the kitchen to get myself some breakfast. As I pulled out the eggs and bacon from the fridge and went on a search for a cooking pan, I decided I would surprise both El
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CHAPTER 8 - Rogues
SKYLER’S POV Even though I am a little sad, I am enjoying the free feeling I am having as I just kept running in Alice’s wolf form for the first time. Alice, however, was quietly whimpering in the back of my mind, still confused about how our mate would allow another to touch him. I slowed and stopped near a small stream to have a drink and a quick rest. I was laying down under a tree next to the stream when I heard a couple of twigs snap and some growling. I lifted my head and looked around, as I was about to lie down again when I saw 4 big dirty brown and scared wolves and a large muscled guy walking out of the woods towards the stream on the other side from me. Shit Rogues! I shivered. I get to my paws, watching them and slowly backing away from them, but stop as they spot me and stop. The guy smirks and says, “Looky at what we have here, boys... Shift!” Alice growled, being an Alpha herself she didn’t like being told what to
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CHAPTER 9 - A Date
A few days later!!! COLE'S POV I am sitting in my office, finishing up the final pile of paperwork, when I hear laughing and yelling coming from the living room. I put down my pen, get up from my chair and walk out of my office towards all the noise. When I reach the middle of the stairs, I just stand there and watch. Elijah and Nathan are on the floor with Skyler in between them, tickling her. Listening to Skyler laugh was like listening to sweet music. It made me feel calm, but then an unwelcome feeling started coming from Xander. "She should be just ours. We should be the ones making her laugh like that, not them!" Xander growled with a little jealousy. I was worried about this. "Xander, what's gotten into you? She is just as much ours as she is theirs. How about we take her out on her first date?" "Yes! I like that idea." With that settled with Xander, I walked the rest of the way down the stairs. I now find Skyler sitting on top of both Elijah an
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CHAPTER 10 - He's Not What He Seems
SKYLER'S POV"I may have to share you Skyler, but I will be your first!..." Cole growled low. He was supposed to be different, but he was just like my dad. He is an Alpha after all. Cole then grabs me and pushes me back up against the wall, pinning me there with his body. He then runs one of his hands down my side until he reached the hem of my dress. He then slid his hand back up under my dress, sliding it over the skin of my thigh until he reached my hip. He then used his claws to rip apart and pull off my underwear, at the same time he went back to running kisses along my neck and shoulder until he reached the spot where he was supposed to put his mark on me in a loving way and with my consent. Now I was starting to get terrified. He promised. He said he wasn't; he said he wouldn't... He can't do this, he can't, he can't, I chant to myself while my tears now fall freely down my cheeks. "COLE! STOP PLEASE! STOP!" I yelled while putting my hands onto his
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