Chapter One Hundred Fifty Eight

Henry parted his lips and was about to speak when Mira charged toward him, dropped her purse on the table and sent a hard slap on his left cheek.

The act caused Dane to jump out of the chair. "I'll take my leave now," he said and vanished.

It was now a family affair and Dane knew he had to exit. The slap was a confirmation that Mira actually met up with Eve and must have been fed lots of information.

Henry stared at the raging woman standing before him. She was taking deep breaths and looking like a predator that was about to pounce on its prey.

He stroked his left cheek and clenched his jaw. "Did you slap me?"

"Maybe I can do that again," Mira replied and lifted her left palm.

Henry's eyes widened in horror. He wouldn't be surprised if she sends another slap across his cheek. She was burning with rage.

"I'm so disappointed in you Henry. Yes, I've always known you to be bad but I never thought you could be this rouge."

Henry shook his head and placed both his hands on the table. Now,
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