Not Remorseful


Watching Scarlett writhing and groaning in pain, I feel a queer sensation. Which is quite odd since I am an alpha and I should not hurt my pack members.

I turn to my wolf for answers but he just sneers and blocks me. I am left wondering what this was all about. I know that Scarlett was wrong for deceiving us, but he could have still let her off with a warning. To an extent, I am to blame for her predicament.

Had I just reeled in my urge to mate, I might have called out her bluff before things escalated. Although it was dark, I still had my senses. A lot of things did not feel right but I only concentrated on my mate's scent and overlooked all else.

The absence of sparks, her fervent kisses, the texture of her skin, and a whole lot more, pointed to her being a phony. Unfortunately, at that moment, I was now using my dickhead to think instead. I just had to do her even if I knew she really was not my Aria.

That is the truth. I figured it out but I pushed it at the back of my
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