My Brother!


I felt quite relieved when the old man with the terrifying aura stopped Connor from taking Theo. As the paramedics were wheeling him away, I followed closely busy devising a way to take him away with me.

How could I not, when I have just discovered that he is my biological father? You can all imagine how relieved I feel at this moment. At least I know I am not related to that murderer. I can kill him with no regrets now.

There is something odd about the other paramedic. I cannot place it but I feel oddly connected to him. I know that it cannot be the mate bond. Although I left my mate, we never rejected each other. Although I have felt him betray me, I know that our bond is still intact.

I really wish I was raised as a werewolf. It would make things easier for me. I would have long understood the connection I am feeling with this man. I have tried to scrutinize his features but I do not recognize him. I wonder who he is. Anyway, I will get to know.

It did not take me long to
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