A Bitch Called Fate

I stood with excruciating pain, my bones groaning as I righted myself, mentally searching my body for any signs of bruises.

Grunting in pain as I flexed my hips, trying to hold back my tears as I moved one leg in front of the other testily.

I walked on, the empty streets and chill late October air as my only company.

I spotted the food mart, its billboard light shining out like a beacon as I noted that I was on my street.

He had thrown me out on my street. I braced myself, putting one foot in front of the other, willing my body to move and trying not to assess what had just happened until I was in the comfort of my home and my bed.

But my thoughts got the better of me

I was done for, I was totally done for. Jacob won.

My dad won.

I was now Jacob's to deal with as he pleases and I knew the disaster brimming at the end would be far greater than I was encompassing right now.

I had no other way out.

In all context, I was the one that had stolen the money, with all the documents sign
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