The Best Friend


I had been exceptionally calm these past few days. The lack of discipline in the juvenile trainees didn't irritate me. My beta pulling me to overlook matters like what will be cooked tonight, didn't irk me. Sky looked a little more blue these days and the chirping of birds sounded somehow sweeter.

If I had to tell the reason for all of that, I could only think of one name. Seraphina. Since the day in the greenhouse, she had got my attention solely on her. That day, when she didn't come down even for once, I was restless from inside. I wanted to confirm that everything was fine.

Maybe, it was the fact that she resembled my mate, or that If I ever wanted to have a mate, I would want it to be her. Since her first day here her strength, her confidence, the way she looked dead at me in the eye when she talked to me, had me attracted to her. Not just my body, but my mind, heart and soul.

I didn't intend to take her to the greenhouse because that was a place I made for my
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