The Stranger

The sky was painted in blue and pink hues, symbolizing the soon to arrive dusk. The moon had resided to it's secret confines and the stars were twinkling faintly, fading to slumber.

I tightened the straps of the satchel on my back and loaded myself with weapons. My leather wearing, which was spelled by my Grandma to accustom to my body when I shift, was snugly fit to my body. Taking a deep breath I took off for the journey ahead, outside of the castle's gigantic gates.

Last night, I had asked princess to grant me leave for a few days. I made an excuse to go meet my father and she was as compassionate as ever. I was grateful for meeting such a nice person in my life, not everyone in this world was humble enough, like her.

Thousands of random thoughts swarming in my head, I followed the path the map indicated.

According to the map's directions, I needed to head to the forest in the west.

The whole kingdom of Zyrenia was surrounded by a vast desert in the east, dense far stretched for
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