Mine - The Alpha's Possession

Mine - The Alpha's Possession

By:  Kylie  Completed
Language: English
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After living with her father and evil stepmother in their werewolf pack for the last year, Taylor is finally asked to return to her mother and her original pack. What she had been wanting the whole time she was living with her father. But upon her return she learns that the pack has been taken over by another pack and is under a new Alpha after the previous Alpha disappeared. She needs to adjust to a whole new pack then the one that she thought she was going home to. But she knew that her friends were there and that's what she was counting on getting her through this terrible time. Little did she know that the terrible times were just starting, and the Alpha, he wasn't the enemy that she was facing. With a lot of betrayal from the people that she trusted the most and the family that she never knew that she had, she is in for a lot of surprises and a lot of suspense and surprises that she never would have seen coming in a million years.

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Debbie Proffer
This book is very long but damn it’s good. I love the female character she’s a trip and Jackson is too shabby himself. Must read so worth the money
2024-02-19 08:37:37
user avatar
Excellent book!! Characters are great and well developed. The story line is awesome, it keeps moving and doesn’t get stagnant or repetitive! It’s a long story but well worth it! This is the 3rd book I’ve read from this author doesn’t disappoint!!
2023-09-20 00:44:51
user avatar
Tiffany Butler
I'm really enjoying this book so far and keeps me reading I'm at the edge of my seat and can't stop reading not finished yet but I really am enjoying this book
2023-02-26 02:42:36
user avatar
Ivy Mathis
Nice story
2023-02-13 17:26:56
default avatar
Crystal Davis
Love the story as well! Trying to hang in and keep going, but as everyone else has said the cost is astounding! The book is still ongoing and to read up to date from where I am would cost me $50 !! ...
2023-02-01 00:39:56
default avatar
Love this story!!
2023-01-20 02:55:25
user avatar
Darcie Rich
what i have read of it i have enjoyed by i refuse to pay so much to read the entire book so i guess I'm done at chapter 19.
2023-01-17 05:02:27
user avatar
Pauline Marie Butler
love the book only on chapter 70 and already paid 30 dollars to read what a rip of
2023-01-14 23:30:49
user avatar
Ina-Mart Botha
Love it so much
2023-01-13 23:43:43
user avatar
Tania Reay
very enjoyable book. Hope there is a second one to continue the epilogue. sounds interesting
2023-01-04 20:57:56
user avatar
hope trochessett
will there be a second book
2023-01-03 17:58:06
default avatar
Susan Brzezinski
This is such a good book and the female character lead is really strong, and I enjoyed that part of the book
2023-01-02 03:07:42
user avatar
Niki Ta
love a strong female character. keep it ip
2023-01-01 11:25:11
user avatar
Helena Chappell
Good story but definitely needs proof reading before publishing. The spelling, grammar and continuity (such and names and time lines) mistakes are irritating.
2022-12-27 21:27:09
user avatar
Sarah-jane Sandstrom
loving the book so far can't wait to read more
2022-12-27 17:34:01
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635 Chapters
Chapter 0001
When my mother told me that I needed to go and stay with my father a year ago, I was less than impressed with it. I knew that our pack was having difficulties as the Alpha had just died and his 19-year-old arrogant prick of a son was our new Alpha but sending me away seemed a little extreme. I didn'
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Chapter 0002
"What the fuck is your problem Victoria?" I yelled, grabbing my lip. "Do you have any idea what time it is?" She yelled standing over me while I was backed against the wall. "Yeah. It's midnight. Since when do you fucking care when I get home?" I yelled getting up. And then I heard my father comi
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Chapter 0003
I was kept in the hospital for a while until they got me the right painkillers and plastered my arm properly and then I headed downtown and it was too late to even attempt going to school today so I went to the diner and started work early. I had tried to call my mother but she didn’t answer. It wa
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Chapter 0004
"What the hell are you doing here?" I whispered so that Thomas and Victoria couldn't hear me. "I didn't have anywhere else to go." He says. "I thought you were dead." I say. "No. He didn't kill me." Lucas says. "I felt the tether break." I say. "I surrendered. That's why the tether broke an
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Chapter 0005
"What's going on?" I asked as my voice croaked a little. "Let's go and sit down." Mom says taking me into the kitchen. So, we went back into the kitchen and my father was sitting at the table with a beer in his hand and the Alpha also had a beer. But he wasn't doing much talking while my mother ma
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Chapter 0006
"Because after his dad died his mother went back to her original pack. He could have gone there. He was always a momma's boy. There's no way he wouldn't have gone crying to his mother." I say adamant that I was sure that's where he would have gone. "We already had his mother in custody. Evidence
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Chapter 0007
ALPHA JACKSON POV We had been standing outside the house for a while now waiting for Taylor to pack her belongings and I knew that she was a girl and everything but it shouldn't take her that long. So, I walked back into the house and I went to her room and started banging on the door. But there wa
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Chapter 0008
"Hold on a second. That bitch has padlocks on all the cupboards?" He asked. "You're missing the point. Alpha Jackson saw it and he's ordering me to go back home with them. He's not letting me stay here. I'm meant to be in my room right now packing but I snuck out the window. I had to come and say
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Chapter 0009
Alpha Jackson headed straight for the highway and slowed down as soon as we hit the road. Almost like he was trying to make the drive go on for longer than it should. Was this my punishment? Psychological torture? Not knowing what he was going to do to me and making it go on forever? He ordered al
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Chapter 0010
"I'm sure." I insisted. "Good. Because I don't need any trouble." He insisted. "If you get any trouble from him, then it won't be because of me. Besides, you demanded that I leave with you tonight." I say. "I wasn't going to leave you in that house." He says softly, looking away. "Why do you c
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