The Alpha King's Note

Princess," I drew in a breath, pulling my hands out of her grasp. "He has not forced me to do anything and I assure you, he does not have any immoral intentions regarding me. I trust him about that. He just said that...that he is...He just likes me, I think." I rushed out and squeezed my eyes shut. I could only hope that she didn't think of me as a desperate female, now.

"And, do you like him, too, Seraphina?"

"I... I don—maybe I do, princess." Oh, who was I kidding? Of course I liked him. How couldn't I?

"If you know what you are getting yourself into, then I don't have to interfere, I guess," she finally smiled. "But," she frowned, trying to look intimidating, that she couldn't. "I will have a word with my brother about this, too. And I will let him know that if he even unknowingly hurts you, he will have to face my wrath." I chuckled when when her words took form of images in my head. She smiled bright, too.

After she disappeared into her room I too, went to my chambers just acr
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