Chapter 52 - The beginning of the end

Ashley POV

I open my eyes and my entire body is sore. I moan as I move my legs and arms rolling to my side. The bed is cold, I open my eyes to find that Killian is not in bed anymore. I frown as I hug his pillow sniffing it. I feel like such a creep doing this… I smile against it before getting up and struggling to walk to the bathroom. I close my eyes resting my hands on the sink and when I open them I see my bruises on my face and arms. I flinch as I touch the one on my shoulder. Fight training has been brutal and Theo is not taking it easy on me. I have been dealing with so much shit that I don’t know how I am still breathing.

It’s been one year since I took over the Italian mafia, everything is going well, Killian and I moved into a big house where the Irish and the Italian don’t exist. Here we are just a couple, a normal, regular couple. In here we don’t discuss work and we don’t mention anything from the outside, this is our safe haven and that’s how I want to keep it. No guns i
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