Fall For Mafia Lord

Fall For Mafia Lord

By:  Chantinglove138  Completed
Language: English
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New book: Alpha's moonborn mate is OUT now. Read it today8-) ____ Trap. That's what he assumed he was setting for her! Max stokes. The heir to a billion dollar fashion empire has never been seen crushing over a girl as much as he was doing to Stella Miller, the newly retained employee. Stella had never anticipated to catch the CEO'S eyes like that either. However, there was a fire of revenge burning under the back of his impressive eyes that was supposed to burn her! 'He thought it was him who was playing her but he didn't know, she had many more secrets darker than his own.' *Contains mature stuff. Read at your risk*

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80 Chapters
||Disclaimer||   'Fall for mafia lord'    Copyright ©️ 2020 by Chantinglove138    All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author or publisher except for the use of brief quotations in critical articles or reviews. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.   Stealing of my work/any idea or portion of the book may result to severe punishment to whoever who plagiarizes as it is a serious crime and won't be excused.    This is a work of fiction. Names, places, businesses, characters and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, actual events or locales is p
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1: The killer boss
**“Miss Stella Miller, you are a brilliant talent. I am sure you will soon reach the zenith of success” His honey sweet voice floated into my ears.This is what I wanted to listen from my boss with whom I had been dreaming to work since I entered in the spring Of my youth.“Mr. Stokes Thank you so much. For considering me over thousands” I squalled and my heart was trying to jump out in happiness.This is it for what I left my family and country as well and dwelt in this unknown city in which many others came with their dreams .“Miss Miller you can start from whenever you want.” He again stole my breath with his raspy voice. I was trying to reply but words were not coming out. What happened to me suddenly whereas he was smiling like the God Apollo.**“Stella!”“Stella!”Someone was j
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2: The mysterious boss!
Stella's point of view continues...I rubbed my eyes vigorously several times to make sure whether it was him or not, while he stood there leaning against the glass window smirking at me deviously. “You are not hallucinating me Miss Miller. Stop rubbing your eyes" My stomach cramps with desirous feelings as he walked towards me taking a seat in the adjacent chair rather than sitting in his own.Words were like sleeping inside my mouth not ready to escape, my throat had eventually gone dry while eyes could not let the sight of him go away. It seemed like he will disappear if I even try to blink my eyes. After few seconds tear drops started appearing in the corner of my eyes since I was torturing them not blinking.“Ughh you girls!" I heard his voice as he removed his handkerchief from the left pocket of his coat, he lent in near me wiping away my tears that were going to fall down. “Drink this water and do blink your eyes… I told you
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3. Showered by the bosses attention!
Max's point of view…She walked out of my cabin few minutes back. Such a poor little soul she is! How I am going to handle her with ease. Those moments, when she showed me her different shades.Her those strawberry coloured lips. Ahh! They are edible, but she can’t be tamed so easily. Her eyes have their own spell, but she is naive and I never got one!“Sir, Patrick Dawson is here himself. I think the matter is very crucial! The meeting will start within 15 minute”My P.A's voice echoed on the intercom.“Mia, send Miss Miller in my cabin and until I come to the conference Hal, you handle the meeting” I ordered her.“But Sir, they are the leading partner of our company who provides the best raw materials to us. Making them wait means, our competitors would try to break our deal in mid term" Mia worriedly spoke.“Mia, there is no one who can challenge our mon
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4. Something is wrong with the bosses behavior!
Stella's point of view...Staying inside the bosses room was more like dealing with my death before dying. Trust me, it was freaking impossible keep myself calm during that time when he was so close to me. My breaths have gone uneven just by looking at his devilishly handsome face. There was no way that I could stop my body from going haywire under his gaze.How can he be so extremely controllable and dominating!He was doing both to me but I don't get one thing, why is he showering me with his attention like this?Have not I just joined his empire?Am I not a fresher with zero percent experience and a nervoused appearance?Then why on land is he behaving so good with me. Why does he want me to call him by his name and not, a boss?There are so many questions in my head against him. No doubts that he is hot and charming, I am in fact blessed with amazing
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5. The uncalled event!
Third person's point of view...After Stella walked away from the canteen with his secretary Mia, she was greeted by Max in the way only. He smiled at her saying, "Hope you are prepared Miss. Miller. Come on, follow me. Mia, get me a cup of coffee please" he directed his secretary with a smile.After walking for a few minutes they stopped before the elevator. He pressed the button of eighteenth floor as they got inside. Neither of the two spoke in the lift. But as the doors of the elevator unlatched, Stella's heart beat skipped. "It is okay, come on. Don't be scared." he spoke in a bossy tone.Soon she entered inside after him in the conference room, her heart felt like throbbing way more faster than ever when her eyes spotted the crowded hall filled up with fifty plus people seating on an oval shaped discussion table.Every one of them were dressed in three-piece suits from men to women, the light of the
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6. Oh no baby sister, how could you!
Stella's eyes blurred with tears, she fixed her gaze on the lifeless body of the girl whom she saw few moments ago, barging in her meeting and screaming on her new boss crazily.She felt her heart thumping maniacly as her eyes trailed down her body over the floor, at her dripping blood.She felt her head spinning and pegs going jelly. Her eyes watered watching the scene before her while her boss spoke, "Take everyone out and call the police!" The four guards obeyed to his words and pushed all the employees out.When they reached to Stella, Max bit his lower lip as their eyes met. He could see a glint of an unknown emotion playing withing her eyes. And for a moment it felt like, that emotion was 'doubt' she was doubting him."Excuse me ma'am, please stand out with the others. Please." One of the four guards came forward and hence Stella's eyes from Max's face diverted.She also exhaled the
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7. Her regret
Stella's point of view...My head was throbbing as if someone had hit me with a hammer.The cold evenings breeze was not helping either. Whatever happened today was not less than a scene of drama.I stood stuck to the wall outside the washroom while the four guards who led all of us (the employees) outside of the washroom stood shielding the area.Not my head alone but my heart was also throbbing inside my chest while those lifeless eyes staring at the ceiling of Tisha flashed across my own eyes. It is truly unbelievable that the woman who ruined my meeting fifteen minutes ago was lying dead in the room!Moreover I witnessed someone being stabbed. The litres of blood oozing from her body wars not leaving the sight of my eyes.Not directly but Tisha's face was not leaving my sight and the possibility of my few hours boss killing her was another reason which did not let me rest in ease. How cozi
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8. Wierd investigation!
His lips quivered like he had something to tell nevertheless just like how I did in the washroom inside, I avoided him. My cheeks burned as I can sense his gaze was on me. He was just looking at me and I do not know why!My eyes were burning and I wanted to cry but damn, I could not. I drank my tears trying to be strong in front of the world. All I wanted right now was just to go away from here and never come back.Dream job!Sarcasm hit me, well that it was for me until the morning. I woke up with great and new energy and prepared myself for the interview.It was my dream to get a place in Array & Thrice company but after today, I just feel like running away and never coming back. Megan was wrong, my boss was not accused by the media in false cases, they were indeed right.And after seeing Tisha, it was proved he was hiding something that was not known to the world.My boss has
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9. Uneasy heart
The day was tiring. The cab stopped in front of my building. I paid the driver and rushed to my apartment. I badly needed a cold shower to calm my brain down.The door was locked it means Megan had still not returned. With shaking hands I somehow unlocked the door with spare key and turned the lights on. Ripping my clothes off of my body, I turned the water tap on.The water was mild and I sank myself in the bathtub. This is my favorite place after my bed. I still could not erase those images off my head."Could Max Stokes really kill her?"This question rotated once withina minute."But he was in the meeting with all of us!"I answered my own question."May be he ordered someone to fulfill his task!"After the good bath of thirty minutes my aching muscles relaxed but the headache became more worse. So after changing into my grey s
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