55 - Jack

I couldn’t walk for two hours according to mom and the healers who helped me change the bandage around my stomach. In truth, I was missing Amy too much. I could notice mom felt the same but she never mentioned nor complained. I could tell she did though, especially when I once caught her looking at a baby with her mother in the tribe. Mom probably didn’t want me to feel sad and worried more than I already was so she kept it all to herself…

“I can do it,” I told her once we were on what seemed to be a waterfall that followed the creek near the village. Apparently, it was where the tribesmen went to catch a fish.

We were with some other men earlier but they went hunting in the woods, something they shared they were good at.

"Aki, the doctor said you need two more days to heal," mom said while caressing my arm before she let go and stood on the side. “Don’t force yourself too much, okay?”

I sighed. “Mom, I’m not a kid anymore. Besides, I know you miss Amy too. And aunt Jonah and the
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