Chapter 47


Four cars will be driving back to my territory tonight. Edward and Mark would be in the first car, followed by Lucas and Katarina. I would take the third one with Alexa, and Krane would be behind us.

Eventually, after we reach the city outside my territory where Lucas will spend the night, Katarina will transfer to my car, and Alexa will be with Krane. I didn’t want to admit it, but I did need Katarina’s help at this point, and I was thankful that she and Lucas were willing to extend a hand.

After a short talk and discussion with the rest of the Alphas, I said my goodbye and thanked them for having my back before I moved and stood beside my car. I watched Alexa and Katarina bid their goodbyes to the Lunas for a while before I motioned for Krane to come over.

"Alpha…" Krane acknowledged me as he approached.

"Krane, I delayed telling you this for a while now, but I think you deserve to know about Alexa. I already informed Edward, I just want you to know so that if worst comes
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Ooooo this is getting interesting and exciting!!!!
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glad she mentioned grandpa, was hoping they could take more but this was still nice.
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Idia Slim
What kind of silly sleep is that? Wen there is important things to discuss

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