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"Why are you doing this?" He sighed as he walked around the bed to my side but he didn't answer. He leaned closer, and I closed my eyes. I could hear our heartbeats, and I could hear his breathing as well. If I didn't see how cold he was to me, I would have thought he was affected by me. But I knew better. I felt the shackle tighten around my neck as tears streamed down my face. It hurt that I had to be shackled, but what hurt the most was that it was my mate doing this. "Fuck." I heard him mutter under his breath. My hand was hoisted up and the chain around my wrist loosened. "Let's go." I wiped the tears from my cheeks as I stood up and followed him. I refused to look at him. I didn't know which was better, the chain or the shackle. Because regardless of what I had, they both meant the same thing - I was nothing but a mere rogue to him.  ¤¤¤¤¤ Stealing The Heart of My Alpha is the final installment in the Black Shadow Pack Series. While the story stands alone, I recommend that you read the series and the spin-off novels to gain a better understanding of the characters and the world I created. BLACK SHADOW PACK SERIES: Book 1 - HE'S MY ALPHA (Completed) Book 2 - THE BETA IS MINE (Completed) Book 3 - LOVING THE GAMMA (Completed) Spin-off Novel Book 1 - IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA (Completed) Spin-off Novel Book 2 - THROUGH THE EYES OF MY ALPHA (Completed)

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Stealing the Heart of My Alpha by Cassandra M is an entertaining werewolf romance novel that delivers on its promises. The story revolves around a young woman named Aubrey, who is determined to steal the heart of her alpha mate, despite the challenges that lie ahead. The plot is well-crafted, and the characters are multi-dimensional, making it easy for the reader to connect with them. The writing is engaging, and the steamy scenes are well-written, adding to the overall tension of the story rated 3.5 out of 5 stars. If you enjoy werewolf romance, this book is worth checking out.

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What happened to riley’s sister mate Trent & Bella I’m so lost. Did they accept each other?
2024-04-27 03:03:14
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Do you have a list of the parents and pups and their pack names?
2024-04-14 20:22:15
default avatar
Natalie Henry
I really wish you’d make all the recent ones audio available like the first 4-5 please !!!
2024-04-14 01:06:44
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Anna Davit
I love this series! One book after another!
2024-03-13 14:08:34
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Excellent! I started one book and ended up addicted to the entire series <3 Can’t wait to dive into more books from this Author, and also read the stories that continue for the Pups in their futures!
2024-01-31 17:04:35
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Just finished this book and I am a bawling mess. I enjoyed every minute of it, whether it was joyful or heart-wrenching. I loved Aeon from the moment I heard from him in book 1 and now I can proudly say I was right about him. Thank you, Cass, for this journey. It was educating on how love works. :)
2024-01-05 08:07:14
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All of your books are amazing!! Thank you! ......️
2023-12-16 01:02:15
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Cassandra once again you do not disappoint! Great book, excellent well developed characters and a wonderful storyline I especially love the crossover of each story & how we get new info about them in the new book s I’m glad Aeon wasn’t the prick we thought he was during the claiming!
2023-12-08 16:10:14
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Jessica Santiago
I love the book series .
2023-11-30 05:01:22
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Sylvia Garcia
i love this author. This series is soooo good.
2023-10-21 10:08:00
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Irma Sanchez
I loved it, cried, laughed and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of them, you're an amazing writer, you have kept me glued to each of your books. you have a loyal fan , take care
2023-09-27 21:41:08
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Chenoa Abbott
Another great read. This series is very good. I've enjoyed the characters and the storyline. Looking forward to the other stories associated to these characters.
2023-09-21 14:40:58
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Sharyn Andrews
I could not stop reading this book! loved the relationships and connections of friends and family!
2023-07-23 10:59:29
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Tabitha Otley
Another great story! They were one of my favorite couples!
2023-07-21 10:54:43
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Katherine Periano
done reading all the alpha series . starting the new alpha series again. tnx author all of your books u create is really amazing. worth watching adds daily to opened two chapter a day.
2023-07-18 15:03:05
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116 Chapters
STEALING THE HEART OF MY ALPHAAlpha Aeon of the Blood Moon Pack was ready to be the next Alpha of his pack. All he needed was a Luna to stand beside him.Lady Katarina was the perfect Chosen Luna. Everything was set into place until life took a big turn and his fated mate was thrown into his hands.A rogue. The only daughter of the Rogue Alpha.Torn between two females, both in need of his protection. One is bound by the oath of brotherhood, while the other is bound by fate. Will he be able to choose or will he just let life take its course?¤¤¤¤¤"Why are you doing this?"He sighed as he walked around the bed to my side but he didn't answer. He leaned closer, and I closed my eyes. I could hear our heartbeats, and I could hear his breathing as well. If I didn't see how cold he was to me, I would have thought he was affected by me. But I knew better.I felt the shackle tighten around my neck as tears streamed down my face. It hurt that I had to be shackled, but what hurt the most was
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Chapter 1
ALEXA. "Hey, you slut! Get up!" My body jolted awake when a foot landed on my a$s. I hissed at the slight pain that coursed through my bottom before I got up from laying down. I was already close to being asleep in the sleeping bag they gave me in the corner of the cave that I shared with Annabel, my annoying stepsister, who had been trying to get my father’s attention away from me by spreading lies and making me look bad in his eyes. "What do you want?" I snapped at Annabel, my eyes narrowed as I looked at her. "Dad wants to see you." "Why?" "Do I look like your personal maid? Go ask him yourself!" She glared at me before rolling her eyes. I moved out of my sleeping bag and was about to reach for my robe when her hand snaked down my arm and dragged me away towards the entrance of the cave. I regretted that I put on my sheer nightgown for the night, but I had no choice. I didn’t have any clothes with me except for a few items, but the rest was dirty when Annabel threw mud on my
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Chapter 2
ALEXA.I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip as I waited for the whip to destroy my nightgown. I knew I sounded petty, but I was just trying to be brave. I needed to think of something to distract me from the pain that will come.I counted and kept waiting, but the whipping never came. Instead, I heard someone scream, as if a commotion was happening behind me.I opened my eyes and turned around just in time to see the last of the few men left behind leap from their seats, transform into their wolves, and flee, leaving me behind.I had no idea what was happening. Was this a sick kind of joke to leave me here for the whole night?But then one of my father’s men came to me and tried to untie the rope."What’s happening?" I asked him."A wolf pack found us!""Did you mean they would want to kill us? "Of course! You’re so stupid to even ask that! ""Can you untie it faster?" I ignored his remarks. I was more scared that they would reach us before I was untied."You owe me, slut! The onl
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Chapter 3
ALEXA."Krane, give me a neck shackle." My mate said this with his face void of any emotions, all the while his eyes were fixed on mine.A shackle? My lips quivered as a dark-skinned man with short curly hair approached us, handing Aeon a shackle that was still covered with dried blood.Aeon looked at it, but he didn’t take it. "Do you have anything that has not been used? I don’t think the princess would appreciate someone’s blood on her neck."’"But she already has blood on her face, Alpha. I bet she thinks rogue blood is delicious." One of his men chuckled, and I was fighting hard not to cry. "Enough." He growled lowly before taking the shackle handed to him by another man and walking closer to where I was tied up.He raked my body up and down. I saw the way his eyes lingered on my almost naked breasts, and I couldn’t deny the tingles that rose from my skin just by the way he was looking at me. He licked his lips before he swallowed hard, shaking his head as if waking himself up
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Chapter 4
AEON.'Alexa is mine!' Thunder growled in my head, and he’d been telling me that from the moment we laid our eyes on her. And he was telling me this again after I confirmed that all the perimeter had been searched and we were now ready to leave this area to head home.This was the first time that Thunder wanted to take full control of my body.My wolf, Thunder, has always been submissive to me. He was not like other Alpha wolves who were hard to control, such as Caspian and Riley’s wolves. Thunder would always do as I asked him to, even if he didn’t want to. But he was showing me a different side today. The mate bond was awakening his protective side, his Alpha blood. He wanted to protect his mate. And I knew it would only be a matter of time before he asserted his power over me.'Relax. She’s yours. But we can’t let Father know until we can make a plan on how to keep her safe. Right now, Krane is our best option to take her home. You understand, right?'He growled once more, and it
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Chapter 5
ALEXA. We had been running for a long time already, and my hands and legs were trembling from holding tightly to Krane’s wolf. And if we didn’t stop, I would soon fall off his back. I needed to think of a reason so I could rest for a while. "I need to pee!" I shouted, leaning my mouth near his ear. I was sure he had a strong hearing, but with the wind blowing hard as he sped off, I wasn’t sure if he could catch my voice. But it looked like he did. He slowed down as well as the wolf running beside us. And in no time, he stopped and lowered his body to the ground. I climbed down as the wolf with us shifted into his human form and took my arm, taking me to a far tree. The male was giving me a smug smirk, and I didn’t like his look at all. He was the one who taunted me earlier about me loving the taste of rogue blood. But aside from his nasty remarks, I felt a knot in my stomach. He looked dangerous. I took a glance at Krane’s wolf. He was looking at us, and I tried to tell myself tha
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Chapter 6
AEON. I ran my knuckles down her cheek. Alexa was sleeping peacefully, purring softly in the passenger seat of the car. Her body finally succumbed from all the running and all that happened in the last twenty-four hours, that even after the car came to a full halt, she was still not moving from her sleep. I withdrew my hand from her face the moment I realized what I was doing. I was not supposed to give in to the bond. It wouldn’t do us any good. I have a chosen mate, and I didn’t want to hurt Katarina. Lady Katarina was the Alpha Female I was betrothed to. She’s the sister of Alpha Darvin of the Moon Stone Pack. Months ago, Darvin and I entered into an agreement for a union to take place between me and Lady Katarina. This was to ensure that both packs would survive. My father has been consistent in holding on to the Alpha post until I produced a Luna he would approve of. And at the moment, he wanted Lady Katarina as my Chosen Luna. Alpha Darvin, on the other hand, has a different
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Chapter 7
AEON. "Did Dad find out Alexa tried to run away?" On our way home from where we captured her, on which she was on Krane’s wolf’s back, Alexa asked Krane to stop by stating she needed to pee. Luis, one of my warriors, volunteered to watch over her. But not even a minute passed when Krane heard a muffled scream, and when he checked them out, Luis had already pinned Alexa by the tree and was trying to stick his dick into her. And I was satisfied with the punishment Krane gave him. But while Krane was focused on Luis, my little mate took the opportunity and ran away. We knew she would never be able to run far in human form, but I was impressed with how long it took us to track her. She ended up almost at the Silver Moon Pack’s border and was seen by Luna Nadia and her men. This was the reason I was able to drive us home in a car instead of running in wolf form. For safety reasons, Riley, the Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack and a friend of mine, offered one of his cars. From his te
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Chapter 8
AEON.I left the training grounds immediately after Krane informed me that she was already awake. And by the time I almost reached the cottage where she was staying, Krane sent another mindlink. Alexa asked him if I was mated.And he didn’t know how to answer her. Me too. I wasn’t sure if I was ready to tell her about Katarina. Or that there was no possibility between us, even if I wasn’t sure if she wanted me or not because I didn’t know what I was feeling either.I was not able to sleep at all last night, I wanted to see her. I tried closing my eyes, but all I saw was her helplessness while she was tied up in the tree. And I knew, regardless, if I would never claim her, and no matter how bad my ordeal was right now, I was thankful that I arrived on time before my father executed his order to kill her. I don’t think I would be able to forgive myself or live with myself if I was even a second late. That night, I smelled her at the exact moment my father stated that he wanted her h
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Chapter 9
ALEXA. "My father left me in the orphanage when I was seven…" I blurted out in a low voice. I panicked when he stood up and was about to leave the house. As much as I hated him for what he was doing to me, I couldn’t deny that I wanted his presence in this house. It made me feel safe that, regardless of what I threw at him, he would never let anyone hurt me. So I opened my mouth to speak, hoping he would stay a bit more. He stopped walking and turned his head around to look at me. I swallowed hard as I met his eyes. "He told me not to say to anyone that I still have a family. He told me to tell the orphanage I ran away from the man who put me on the street to ask for alms. And I must keep it that way until he comes for me." "How old are you now, Alexa?" "Nineteen. I begged the orphanage keeper to give me a space to sleep after I turned eighteen because my father told me not to leave the place. She was kind enough to give me a space in the attic. And I found work in a nearby
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