Chapter 50


I opened the door to Katarina’s side and helped her out of the car before I grabbed our bags from the backseat. We walked together toward my father, who was standing alone in front of the pack house entryway. I was amazed at how well Katarina was holding herself. She told me she was nervous before we went out of the car, but I never heard any erratic beating of her heart. If anything, she was letting out a calm aura.

"Alpha Argon," Katarina greeted my father the moment we stopped in front of him. "I wasn’t expecting you to be awake at this time. It is way past midnight."

"And I wasn’t expecting you to arrive with Aeon." My father smiled warmly at her as he took her hand and kissed her knuckles.

Katarina returned his smile before she replied. "Well, I wasn’t expecting you to cut short my time with Aeon. So when he suggested I join him tonight, I didn’t have to think twice."

"My apologies. Nobody told me you’d be at the Silver Moon Pack as well."

"Aeon told me he’d spend days
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Darn I mean Kat not Kay!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
This situation is becoming a real nail biter!! Good work Kay!! I hope that Riley and Sebastian can get Aeon and Alexa’s grandfather to talk so he can assure him(and Nicole) that Aeon loves Alexa & isn’t abusing her or anything. It’s just an act to fool his Dad!
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Bridgette Mcgarvin
Trying to wait patiently for this to continue. This is one of THE BEST stories I have yet to read on this app. You are a VERY TALENTED WRITER. Please keep the stories coming.

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