Chapter 53


Aeon gave me the information I needed so I could start my search for Alpha Aurelius. If he was Alexa’s grandfather, then he was an Alpha two generations back. It was easy if he was here within the South, West, and East areas of the country - then my father would surely be aware of them. But Aeon said Alexa came from the North, and that was why she was a winter wolf.

Unfortunately, the Packs of the North were a separate entity. They were not governed by the Council, thus my father had no power over their jurisdiction and it would be harder to find him.

But I would still give it a shot and start with my father. Maybe he knew something.

Aeon left after thirty minutes, and I didn’t waste any more time. After securing the door, my feet led me to the bedroom of the suite and I found my mate sitting in one of the Victorian chairs around. Her fingers were trailing the curving lines and ornate details of the chair while she was busy munching the truffles that I left open by th
Cassandra M

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Iyenk Boitenzorg
What's actually alpha Argon up to.. It's really curious..
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Great chapters.. Enjoying them before you break our heart in the next ...
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Karla Greenhaugh
absolutely love these two and their story but can't help but worry about Alexa while Aeon is off the territory. Argon is definatly paying her a visit I just hope aeon gets their in time before he lays a finger on her. Do people think her grandfather is going to take her away?

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