Chapter 102


My eyes automatically snapped open when her warmth left my side. Alexa rolled over to the end of the bed, leaving the comfort of my body, but I didn’t let her. My arm moved on its own and coiled around her naked waist, pulling her back into my embrace.

"Aeon…" She giggled, her breath running into my naked chest as she playfully pushed her hands against my torso, trying to get away from me. My hold on her tightened, my legs clinging to her thighs, making no room for movement, which only made her giggle louder.

Giggles that I would be willing to hear every morning and every day of my life. Alexa is like a breath of fresh air. Despite everything we both went through these past weeks, she was still positive and tried to see past it, something I couldn’t do if she wasn’t the driving force that helped me through it.

"Let me go… We still have guests." She complained, but her voice was so seductive that I knew she was actually luring me to stay with her.

It was almost seven in the morni
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Comments (8)
goodnovel comment avatar
Jace is going to be mates with Alexa and aeon’s child. So exciting
goodnovel comment avatar
gabby castillo
She's not pregnant. Aeon meant if its a girl, hes okay to be outnumbered by girls - Alexa + baby girl...
goodnovel comment avatar
Dovie Efbabyy
She said outnumbered..she having twins?!

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